CH4 Giving Frankie Boyle live slot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Now without attempting to be 'niave' as most of these debates are in the Naafi so hopefully this thread will stay & not be moved, however CH4 are giving him a 'live' slot on Jan 22 at the British Comedy Awards, are they right or right?

    Is the country getting too soft, too easily offended at his material bearing in mind in the past the likes of Bernard manning, Jim Davidson, Jethro & up & coming Fellow Scot Kevin Bridges to name just a few, personally i'm a big fan of Frankie & judging by his shows he has a 'big' fanbase

    "Currently under investigation by Ofcom over gags about disability and his use of racial epithets in the Tramadol Nights series, the Scottish comic is set to come out from “hiding” for the live show, broadcast from the IndigO2 on Saturday, January 22".

    Frankie Boyle set for live Channel 4 British Comedy Awards slot – with no delay | Beehive City
  2. lets hope he gets some new material before then, sick of hearing jokes hes done over and over for the past 5 years

    his nans bra joke is a prime example
  3. The thing is, Kevin Bridges is actually funny. I saw some of Boyle's Tremadol Nights stuff, and I see nothing funny in picking an audience member at random and asking "What was worse, your dad bumming you or you liking it?".
  4. I strongly suspect it will be his current material judging by some of his Tramadol Nights contribution

    however I agree with your point
  5. He was very funny on Mock the Week, Tramadol nights is puerile drivel.

    Shame, he seems out of material and desperate. The contrast between him and Russel Howard is marked.
  6. Having seen him live, I think he's better when he has the brakes on slightly. He was funny live but he went too far occasionally. I took a mate who had never seen him before and he wasn't impressed. His second to last joke of the night fell really flat, even he said "I think I went too far."

    If he has the brakes on I suspect he has to work harder to get a laugh.
  7. I used to like Russell Howard but he does the same overexcited 5 year old thing every time, quite sick of his lazy eye jokes!

    Loved frankie boyle on mock the week but agree tramadol nights is pure keek, kevin bridges is glasgows funniest man now (apart from st billy of connolly of course):joker:
  8. i like russel howard, but your right some of the stuff is a little old
  9. I remember when he was playing the comedy clubs in Bristol (Jesters on Gloucester Road, if anybody knows it!), and some of his material is familiar from those times. He, however, has carved a good market for himself - harmless amusement. A bit like Michael Mcintyre.
  10. Never heard of him. Is he one of these so called comedians who throw their body around like a demented old hag, pull faces, shout a lot, swear a lot and rarely tell a new or funny joke? If so he must be like 90 per cent of 'new' funny men to perform over the last decade or so.
  11. I thought he was great on Mock The Week, but went to see him live and he did nothing but repeat jokes I'd heard him tell a thousand times before. His book was unreadably bad, and the shock humour only works when he's set up by the situation. It doesn't work at all on his new show.
  12. i agree mock the week was good, but then thats the first time i'd heard alot of his stuff