CH2 on back of civvy low-loaders.

Serious question...on M3 going southbound on Weds afternoon, i pass 2 civvy low-loaders each with CH2 on the back. Now what happened to this Sponsored Reserve or heaven forbid Mil operated HET's moving these things? Or is it another case of Contractorisation, saving money(?) but not doing ourselves any favours in the long run!
Why are you asking questions and then answering them? You know it's the most cost effective way of wasting money and it wouldn't be the RLC if we didn't have our assets and manpower sat rotting away in a camp somewhere whilst a civvy contractor gets a big FO payout to do the job that you are already resourced to do. Look at the ******* shambles in Afg and then apply same model to peacetime location.........simples. Had a very interesting conversation with a very senior person last (not revealing conversation or individual) and I wouldn't worry too much about who'll be moving, arming an fuelling CH's matey.
Civys have always moved armd kit for the MoD for one simple reason. The British army has never had adequet heavy lift assets since WWII. There were many unit moves I have been on where we'd be loading amongst civvies, and since one tank transporter sqn (3 sqn) got scrapped, (re-rolled) several years back we have even less assets now. I think it's called 'Progress'.
About 8 Challengers on proper army low loaders passed me on the M4 on Tuesday heading east. I must admit that it's the first time that I've seen the military low loaders for ages.
If things haven't changed that much, then the Tk Tptr Sqns are asked what they can lift for the month. They then do that, anything else is farmed out to civvies. Most depressing in Germany, when the Sqn was sat painting the grass green/doing Convoy Support Centres/waiting for 'some non-important event' to happen, and the Dutch low loaders were moving armour.

Take into account Afghan (trg time, POTL etc) and Regt life 'activites' equates to not much manpower.
**** off! I was in bed in my house in bedford when a bedford crashed into my XR3i. So from my bed in bedford I saw my ford get hit by a bedford.
This sort of thing has been happening for years, so I do not believe it's a manpower issue.

During the 80's, a fleet of civvie container wagons would transport a Lifeguards CVR(T) squadron from Windsor to the ranges in S. Wales every year for firing camp. The rest of us would drive in a separate convoy.

I cannot recall the name of the transport company, but the management and the drivers were all good lads, and I know quite a few troopers (and NCO's) drove for them during the summer hols, and eventually worked for them when they de-mobbed.


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I've driven a Bedford....... or was it a DAF? Can't really remember. It was shite whatever it was and had a really disappointing horn. A vehicle that size should have a big **** off air horn like trains have, this thing had a punier horn than a Fiat 500.

What were we talking about again?
Woh woh woh! Fuckin driven a bedford? You sir are a liar and I call you out. No man can drive a bedford it's a case of trying to point the ******* thing in a direction that won't kill anyone and hoping that it get's to where you want it to be - driving it ******* is not. However you are correct that the machine needs a big FO horn. I suggest that the same sort of horn as used by P&O on their overpriced Ferries.

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