Ch 4 News - Sat 18:30 (UK) Max Clifford HRH Publicity Stunt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. From this evening's Snowmail - the Channel 4 News viewers email, it appears that Max Clifford has decided to use the wealth of his experience in the case of HRH on HERRICK.

    Last time I recall seeing Max Clifford in the news was when he offering support for the finding of Madelaine McCann - I am surprised he has time to comment.
  2. He's a cnut who makes money out of other peoples misfortune, fcuk him.
  3. Seems old Max is disappointed he wasn't consulted to broker the whole understanding. With his experience in kiss-and-tell slappers sleeping with footballers, how dare the MoD not consult this media oracle?

    He's also joined C4 in challenging the 'frontline' aspects of Harry's tour.
  4. There obviously aren't any footballers / minor celebs / z-listers being outed in the Sunday's this weekend for screwing around / snorting coke on camera / flashing their bodies out of nightclubs.
  5. Seriously don't waste energy caring what he thinks, he's well paid media whore....and he put' it about because it's his "job" He so up to his neck in all the double dealing back handed BS media spinning that his world is made of, that he thinks everyone else also inhabits that same world.
  6. What is the difference between Mx Clifford and a lying media-whore? Exactly.
  7. While I despise this I am not surprised.

    Everyone who has served will know that bonds of loyalty are built when doing military training. Loyalty that makes you hurt to see your comrades go into harms way and not be allowed to accompany them. Loyalty that makes you feel inferior to those that went. It isn't about killing or looking cool but going out and helping your comrades that motivates you.

    Max Clifford and many others do not understand that. They have lived their entire lives looking after nobody but themselves. No sense of duty except to their own wants (not needs).

    They are scum and judge everyone by their own values. No surprise they totally f**k up when trying to analyse motivations of troops.

    I think it was Michael Yon that described the emotions of embedded reporters. They had to adjust to being with people who didn't have their own interest at heart (in general) and actually wanted to do the best they could for others.
  8. Only a fellow parasite feeding off other people's distress for money would truly understand Max Clifford. He appears to subscribe to the view that any publicity is not only good publicity but is also money in the bank, even if it rides on the misery of others or the potential death of squaddies or a prince of the realm. Watch him milk this one for all it's worth!
  9. If per chance you read this Max, I and many other think of you as a cnut. Nope, they are useful, howabout a soiled jamrag?

    Either way, you are scum!
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    If Max Clifford is such a bloody expert at PR why has he allowed himself to come across as a smug tw*t who knows nothing about what he is talking about.

    Bit of a PR fcuk up there Maxy boy

    D-, go to the dunces corner
  11. He represents everything I despise about the media.

    Clifford is probably only spouting this nonsense because he wasn't in on the media deal and/or to get further media attention for himself.

    He's a shameful self-publicist and thinks nothing of besmirching someone else's gallant actions to further his own worthless career and celebrity.
  12. Max Clifford, Jon Snow; what do they have in common? To my knowledge, neither has served in HM Forces, ipso facto, come under fire. Therefore the bigger question is, WHAT RIGHT DO THESE TWATS, and others like them, HAVE TO COMMENT ON A SUBJECT THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT? Sorry guys, it gets me really angry.
  13. Jealousy is such a nasty thing to see, have they measured themselves by Harry's actions and found themselves lacking? Snow's is pure spite caused by him being a nomark and having never done anything real. Clifford is just fishing to get a story from one of Harry's sqn disproving his comments. Johnson's comment about having never been a soldier must realy bite deep when you see how much regard people realy feel for the forces.
  14. What's the difference between Max Clifford and a big bag of sh1t? Exactly.
  15. I did wonder whether the leak might have been carefully orchestrated in order to get Walesy out of theatre early, freeing up certain members of his entourage for other stuff.