Ch 4 - Coppers

Just loafing on the sofa watching Coppers on Channel 4. It's good; the blokes seem to have been given the go ahead to say what they want on a wide range of issues. It's really good stuff...

But, I can't help but think it's too good. I am thinking along the lines of that crappy TOWIE shoite. I've never seen such unrestricted access before.

Anybody else seen it? Thoughts?
It's the second series, seems genuine. A pair on the Chief Officers who approved it. That ASBO neighbours dispute was pitiful, and the druggie quite amusing!
Well, it cleaves pretty closely to the line Insp Gadget talks about, so if anything, it reinforces the plod line that society needs a fucking good shoeing.
that copper interviewing him has got some proper old school midlands expressions: duck, my love, etc.....
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