CGS:upgrading challenger and warrior.

Which bit of it will require a substantially modified turret with a new bustle did you fail to grasp?
For what you keep bleating on about and the bits you convieniently overlook and avoid commenting on it would cost way more time and money than is available.

Fitting a smoothbore, if that's the way the MoD wish to go and I'm not convinced they are, is possibly doable, fitting an autochanger probably isn't as anyone who has had to fight, survive and work inside one will probably tell you.
Old, knackered and possibly a dead end, its sure as hell to expensive for the Russians to field the production version (Yes I know its the object 9whateverthehellnumberthey'reusingtoday, not the T-14). At least the way the Russians are developing it.
Even if it's got the 6" gun, its less than ideal, it'll also likely be lighter than the Western tanks, so that's several tons less toys.
With MBTs having modular armour (to varying degrees)

I wonder could Dorchester be modularised

So for example you buy a new MBT off the shelf and fit modularised Dorchester

Or build a new MBT (possibly collaboratively with allies) but build into the design that Dorchester could be fitted to UK (and suitable allies) but that different armour could be fitted to others
So the evolution of the peer threats that CR2 / Warrior could face isn't relevant to those platforms potential upgrade path ?
No, dreaming can be done on World of Tanks* where I suspect one or two recent new posters are more knowledgable.

Oh and someone with as many posts as you have telling us to Discuss is a bit cheeky to say the least.

* Other games may be available.
Probably easier than getting Gaijin to sort their crap out in Warthunder.
I quit them, after their writing rules showed their bias off. I'd help them sort it out, after they've actioned a bug report I put in, the response is frankly stunning.

Me: Here's some primary documents showing you have the wrong penetration on this shell.
Them: Are you very sure its the same gun in your documents as in the game?
Me: Its very well known knowledge, but here's several sources confirming it, including an article by David Fletcher.
Them: Meeeh. Well, Ok as you've shot down every objection we can muster we'll pass it on to the Devs.

Devs: Funny guy! You want us to actually buff a UK vehicle in line with historical documents?

Ironically, Armoured Warfare is one of the better researched games out there, and the Dev's are much easier to work with. It's also the one that came last and so isn't doing so well. On the plus side there's Tank Crew, which I have high hopes for.
Id be more than happy to see the new Jaguar EBRC?? find its way into strike brigades as wheeled recce
Nope, too big again. We, the poor old stabs in our Fox, had real fun running round German Luchs equipped units back in BAOR time. You can't hide these things.

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