CGS:upgrading challenger and warrior.

I think it might have something to do with the terrain. Korea isn't tank friendly, but it does allow more places to hide an attack helicopter, plus the gunship has vastly more mobility.
I served with an armored Calvary squadron in the Munsan Corridor and that area is definitely not tank friendly - very rugged with too many choke points.
Thought this stuff had dead-ended, apparently not.
Metal foam stops bullets without cracking
I'm a bit confused as to whether it still needs a composite back plate.
I suspect it may intended to be one part of a multi-layer system. Even more likely though, the researcher may be just focused on making a stronger metal foam and hasn't really gone on to actually making it into a fully developed armour system.
The armor itself is just an inch thick, and it’s made of boron carbide ceramics as the strike face, a composite metal foam as an energy-absorbing middle later, and either a strong aluminum 7075 or Kevlar panels backing it up.
Millimeters-Thick Metal Foam Armor Obliterates Incoming Bullets
"Boron Carbide" you say..........sounds like Chobham
Sounds like a pretty standard ceramic faced armour - B4C has been around for years.

The metal foam is reasonably new - but I’m a little cynical as to how much real benefit it adds to the overall efficiency of an armour system.

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