CGS:upgrading challenger and warrior.

Challenger 2 MBT LEP selection draws closer | Jane's 360

The ITT issued in the summer will be the thing to watch - in it will be a much clearer statement of what MoD wants (and thinks it can get) for its money...

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Will anyone tell them that they are losing a Armd Inf Bde?
I think that’s pretty well known already.

But yes, the ITT will confirm how many tanks will be LEP’d.

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Jordan retiring Challenger 1;
Jordan restructures its armoured formations | Jane's 360

M60A3 will be the MBT Not sure if the article is correct about them being 105mm; possibly they will get the L50 RUAG 120mm smoothbore.
If it's the M60 Phoenix that KADDB makes then it is a substantially upgraded piece of kit. New armour packs on the turret front +ERA, new FCS and RAUG 120mm CTG

There's even a version with the LEDS-150 anti-missile system (the boxes either side of the turret bustle). I do wonder what all that added weight will do to the handling and cross country, so one would assume an upgrade to the suspension.

That is of course if they're going for that model. The article gives no clue.
Think of it this way refer future major equipment programmes:

How many CR2 replacements do you need when there are 2 Bdes with CR2 and each with only 1 Armd Regt? Max 150 ?

How many AS90 replacements do you need when there are 2 Bdes with AS90 and each with only 1 Arty Regt? Max 100?

Possibly similar for the light gun?

I say buy off the shelf and spend the money on the Warrior replacement and MIV. Their larger numbers could possibly justify it
Thinking about this a bit more (yes I’m quoting my own post). When placing an order they would obviously order the full complement to fully equip the 2 Armd Regts and 2 SP 155mm Arty Regts but how much extra?

What size of fleet is required for Canada? A regiment or a squadron? Is that an extra pool of vehicles or does it come the regimental fleets?

How much of a training fleet for trade training?

Would spares (extra MBTs) be purchased?