CGS uniform

Is it me, or have the last two incumbents (i.e. Dannett and Richards) worn tropical service dress instead of their standard service dress. Or do the RA and Green Howards have particularly different dress codes compared to the rest of the Army?

Yet another example of the Army dress 'style' confusing a matelot!!!


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4-stars have a fairly simple set of uniform regulations. They can wear what they like.

Actually that extends to pretty much any holder of Her Majesty's Commission in Her Land Forces, to the extent that, in some elements thereof, if two officers accidentally appear in the same order of dress, the junior has to double away and change.

Matelots shouldn't feel superior, I remember at Beaconsfield when the RN Russian course moved up from Dartmouth, one gallant Naval aviator decided a good way to annoy the Army was to have his hair tarred and queued, which looked pretty good with a full set.
Our 4 stars are rather a staid bunch, certainly when it comes to uniform issues. As for the WAFU, good skills!
mushroom said:
No 4 dress is light and comfortable and easy to maintain. Far preferable to SD in an English summer.
As if maintainance is a contributing factor... I mean it would be no bother, wasn't offering to clean it myself ofcourse.
I do have to clean and press mine.

A small fortune was spent designing and bringing into production the new SD/No2 Dress. All they had to do was issue No4 dress.

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