CGS to parachute for Help for Heroes

General takes to skies for good cause
Eastern Daily Press
05 September 2008
Britain's top soldier is set to take a leap of faith - as he prepares to complete his first ever parachute jump.

General Sir Richard Dannatt will take to the skies with the Red Devils on Monday as he looks to raise thousands of pounds for the Help for Heroes campaign.

The chief of general staff, who has lived in Norfolk for 35 years, is a trustee of the charity which provides help for wounded soldiers. Sir Richard told the EDP he decided to do his bit to boost the fund after seeing the hard-work of supporters across the country.

And while a lifetime in the army has equipped him well for new challenges, he admitted the idea went against the grain for a man who has spent his career on terra firma.

Sir Richard said: “I have spent my life in the army and in the infantry with my feet firmly rooted to the ground and so I have not done a parachute jump before. It will be an interesting experience.”

Joining him on the jump will be his 18-year-old daughter Richenda, daughter-in-law Emma and friend Jo Edwards. Each will complete a tandem jump with a member of the Red Devils parachute display team at Netheravon airfield in Wiltshire.

“This is a really important cause as the range and variety of threats to our security have multiplied and the army is being used for different purposes, further afield than we might have expected a few years ago, and in very demanding operational circumstances,” he said.

“To succeed, the army adheres to its values and standards of selfless commitment, courage, discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect for others. These are characteristics that are demonstrated amply by those who have been wounded whilst serving the nation.

“But the army is drawn from a democratic society and cannot be sustained without the support of that society. We would rapidly wither if we lost the support that we currently enjoy from the nation. The donations that Help for Heroes and other service charities have received shows just how strong that support is.

“But I did not feel that I could just watch the efforts of thousands of determined supporters, both here and overseas, have helped provide funds that are being used to support our wounded servicemen and their families and so I have decided that I should raise some money through a personal effort.”

Help for Heroes projects include building a new swimming pool at gym at the Tri-Service Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey and contributing to the costs of a house for visiting relatives at Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham.

Sir Richard said: “Whilst the risks of sport parachuting are small compared to those that are faced by our soldiers - especially the Colchester based 16 Air Assault Brigade who are in Afghanistan at present - it does represent a good way to raise money for a good cause.

“I would like to urge all readers of the EDP to back Help for Heroes and the armed forces genuinely appreciate your support.”

To sponsor Sir Richard visit or for more information on Help for Heroes visit


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Well done Sir, and well done to your family too.

Donation on the way.
Seems to be some maintainance going on and the link does not go through. But I found that if you go to the main site at and then type 'Richard Dannatt' in the Sponsor a Friend' box, that takes you through.

Maybe ARRSE can get him to his target!


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No offence or anything, but I'd much rather go to Another worthy participant and make a donation!

All goes in the same pot does it not? :D


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Look, it's for chariddee right? People make sacrifices for chariddee, and I'm prepared to do that.

Am I really that transparent?
Biped said:
No offence or anything, but I'd much rather go to Another worthy participant and make a donation!

All goes in the same pot does it not? :D
Does bagging the CDS' daughter come higher or lower in the 'dicing with death' stakes than the Razzman's daughter? :D


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A theory cannot be proven until it has been tested.
Biped said:

Look, it's for chariddee right? People make sacrifices for chariddee, and I'm prepared to do that.

Am I really that transparent?
As see through as an invisible thing on a clear sunny day.
Good on CGS and his relatives. No pressure on the parachutists doing the piggy-backing then! :)

oops - meant to say CGS not CDS!
I have not read all the previous submissions.

However, it seems to me that we have the best CGS in living memory. He really cares for the Army, and for all the guys and girls that belong to it.

Just a pity that Premier Gordon Brown (according to press reports) has vetoed his appointment as CDS.

General Richard - if you read this - thank you for your support.
Right, Men, I want a volunteer to drop out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft with CGS (that's General Dannatt BTW) attached to your front.....
Of course, your flight and, I very much hope, for your sake, that it's a safe landing, will be conducted in front of the largest media scrum since Princess Diana started digging around in the dirt.... :twisted:

No pressure then?

Any chance of the Chiefs doing a charity P Company? They could hold a silent auction for the chance to take part in the milling with Jock Stirrup.
armchair_jihad said:
Oi you slags your Boss is going short!

If he does not make his total New Labour will think the Services don't have public support and will cut another 10 Battalions
I agree! Much support needed to get him to his target for a very worthy cause!

£25 from me (and £25 to Emma...good for you girl!), and a link from the NAAFI Bar to generate some interest methinks.

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