CGS To go Early?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by royalmile, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. From Telegraph

    "Britain's top soldier Gen Sir Richard Dannatt is expected to resign earlier than anticipated because he will not get the highest military post.
    Gen Dannatt has been outspoken during his two-year tenure as Chief of the General Staff, criticising poor pay and accommodation for soldiers and courting controversy by suggesting that British troops were part of the problem in Iraq.

    Defence sources have said the general could leave by the end of this year rather than serve three full years to clear the way for Gen Sir David Richards, a rising star in the Army, to go to the very top of the military.

    Sir Richard would have been expected to stay until next summer".

    If so who will move where with the Senior Officeers' musical chairs game? I remember when Cedric Delves was inavlided out unexpectedly and there was a sudden resuffling of the 2-star and above pack
  2. Frome Defence Intranet

  3. Also from Defence Intranet

  4. Many thanks - Intranet server at work is down, so this was missed.
  5. General Dannatt has looked after the interests of The Army-and paid the price with Nu Liabor.However he can hold up his head with pride.