CGS - The Military Covenant A stark Reminder

For those who have access to ArmyNet maybe CGS does read ArmyNet the following is in the Forum "Feedback to the Armyboard:

A quote from ARRSE just for the CoC that does not read it:

I've just got back from a lecture given by Professor Anthony Forster called 'Changing the Guard? Politics and the British Army in a Turbulent World' at Bristol University.

He put forward his view that the Military Covenant is breaking down through pressure soldiers come under from being answerable to different courts and legislation that doesn't take into account the extraordinary and unique circumstances that British military personnel have to meet these days, by the interference of government in military matters (making the professional space occupied by senior commanders too small to fulfil their role in the Covenant) and by the failure of senior officers and the MOD to acknowledge the deep concerns of the rank and file and their families.

He mentioned BAFF a number of times in his concluding remarks as one of the initiatives that have developed in response to the breaking down of the Covenant and condemned the senior command and MOD in refusing to work with it or to examine the reasons why it even exists. He said he believed it was a positive and valuable inititative and that the CofC would contribute to the destruction of the Covenant by refusing to work with BAFF - in fact, by working against it.

Prof Forster is a very senior academic who also served in the Army for 9 years." Unquote

Quite a debate took place



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