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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Oct 29, 2006.

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  2. Fair one for having the courage to say that.

    Hopefully people wont start chopsing about him commanding a ' new crusade' in Iraq!
  3. Well if he starts every press conference with 'God Wills It!' we're going to be in trouble with the loony left!
  4. Not just the 'loony left', I should think the moderate centre as well.
  5. I hope this is not a case of a respectable figure watering down the support people hold for him by taking things a little too far and granting one too many interviews (until they say something negative that sticks)...


    Glenn Hoddle, David Icke etc

    Sadly they all seem intent on talking about their religion; a subject which tends to bring the worst quotes out of them.
  6. If you've ever had a bollocking from Richard Dannatt you will know all about the wrath of God!
  7. Iolis, do you want to talk about it? :D
  8. To be fair Gen Dannatt has been very open about his strong religious beliefs fo a long time, I seem to recall a clip on radio4 of him as a young officer in NI talking to songs of praise
  9. Torn on this one.

    Soldier's perspective:

    I don't care what he believes as long as he gets the job done and has our best interests at heart, which he undoubtedly does.

    Jew's perspective:

    I'm glad he wants to do good in life and that he believes there's a higher power than himself that he's accountable to (not you Blair, you cnut). It's difficult to express one's feelings towards God without coming across as a twat in modern society.

    Sceptic's perspective:

    Argh, I don't mind this being a Christian country, but not the fundies. There's a big difference between Christian and Christian Evangelist, IMHO, principally the belief of the latter that they're some kind of "divine aristocracy" that is favoured by God. Maybe God did save his life - we've all been lucky to survive one thing or another - but he should have some humility and not go on about how God is his best pal. Spoken to plenty of WWII vets with amazing survival stories (some who became padres afterwards), and none of them claimed that God killed other people around him until he "got the message".

    Imagine Dannatt speaking to Major Willis's widow:
    "Why did Peter die, Richard?"
    "Because God challenged me to make a complete committment to Him."

  10. I don't think so. When all is said and done we are a resource, we are expendable. If lives have to be spent in achieving an aim - tough. That's what we we signed up for. All we should want is that those lives are not expended in a profligate way. I don't think the CGS wishes anything else either.
  11. And I suppose the real question is 'Does Dannatt's religion actually get in the way of him doing a proper job?' In any event, it's clear that he's a man of principle, if nothing else, and that is no bad thing.
  12. I'll go with the Poptarts first option
  13. In all the years I have known Richard Dannatt I have never ever seen him discuss his faith (outside of 'Stars on Sunday' when we were in Cyprus in 1981) or try and ram it down anyone's throat. He is simply a quiet, committed Christian and a man of stong moral courage and conviction.
  14. He also seems like a born leader.
  15. Indeed he is. I liked Richard Dannatt and respected him as a leader I would happily go to war with because I knew very well that he had my interests at heart, not his career, nor his next posting, nor his next CR - you could not help but like the man. Blokes like that are rare in many trades and professions and I am indeed privileged, as are many to have had him as their CO.