CGS Sir, please please can we do this?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by evilone, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Dear CGS Sir,
    Could I politly request some kind of forum for us young Subbie types?

    Is this a possiblity and I there any others like myself who would get use form it?

    Yours Aye
  2. No.

    For asking: 5 Extras! :lol:
  3. What happened to your famous "YO-YO" site that you and all the other bright young things out there were going to use to discuss "IMPORTANT MATTERS"?
  4. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Quite simply the answer is no.

    This is the officers' Mess. In a real mess, do you have an annex for subbies?
  5. Yes, the end of the table out of earshot of the centrepiece (lest you be asked about it).

  6. Well it used to be a well kept secret but some of them let slip about this ARRSE thing so now we can all log on :grin:
  7. I thought every mess had a puppies corner
  8. Unless this subbies section was private, what is the point?

    or was that your intention?

    If so make your private site up. You get the list of officers of the Army, and only 2lt and lts can join. Similar to the 0945j goijiom site in the 0jv-3884j23j0-giv-i!
  9. Why don't you just start a subbies thread? Maybe a subbies Ball. Cbt clo and black tie.

    Don't expect the rest of the 'Mess' to keep out though.
  10. Subbies should be seen but not heard.
  11. Galgenberg, just for you the site is still there! But it has become hard to beat the moaning types like yourself. However some of us like to think there is a use for such a forum.

    For the others I like to Ball idea black tie or mess kit could be fun. All I am looking for is somewhere us lesser mortals can chat and laugh at what the grown up get upto.
  12. Yes, at Larkhill there was one. I was never sure who was being protected from whom but the younger Captains, flightier Majors and occasional louche Lt. Col used to drift across to drink Becks and ogle Odstock nurses or Norland nannioes.

    Editorial note: Nannioes is of course a typographical error but I quite like the word and so I declare it a legitimate word for the brown clad ones. Nannioes, a type of upper class chick in brown gingham. Nannioes.
  13. You like to ball who??

    No wonder you want a private area!! You subbies eh, always up for a bit of balling!!
  14. Well,That's me put in my place then :lol:
  15. G'berg your welcome.