CGS: Send your employees to the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. By not being there to do the job they were employed to do when duty calls. I might show that quote to my boss tomorrow, Im sure it would make him giggle

    All socialists are ***** : )
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  3. Perhaps CGS would like to get the Shit Online Application Section of the Army Jobs site sorted, it's fucked and has been for two weeks.
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  4. Perhaps the CGS should do a survey of what people's civvy employment status actually is. Significant numbers are self employed, temping, students or unemployed.

    Of those who are conventionally employed (is it even the norm now?) how many work for companies large enough that they won't be missed for an extra couple of weeks leave for training let alone a mobilisation?

    The problem the CGS has here is that he's never had to work in civvy street so can not possibly have any idea of how it really operates. I'm reminded of the late Labour MP Tony Banks once asking a senior officer why troops couldn't do something useful when not at war like providing security at football matches etc.
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  5. Really ...... since CAPITA took over .... what a surprise!
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  6. Was nominated to be part of that syndicate thing where we met up to discuss the fr 2020 document (think that is what it was called) there was a officer from 2 royal Irish who also ran his own company in civiy street, said he would not employ somebody in the TA, granted he runs a small company and the loss of somebody who went on ops would be keenly felt, but if a serving TA officer wont employ ta soldiers then they can't really expect other company's to higher ta soldiers

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  7. I work for a company that directly supports the Army, essentially doing what I used to do as a squaddie except I am wearing civvies now.....even this lot are not especially happy about some of us being/thinking about going TA.
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  8. I'm sure he has an inkling of the issues but has to make the best of what he's been given to work with. Not sure I understand why the deluded ramblings of a labour MP has to do with the insight of a senior military officer.

    Your "point" about understanding how civvy st works is so trite and bone that it sits very well in the TA forum - I wonder what the reaction would have been if DCLF said pretty much the same thing?
  9. My employers have never had an issue.

    I've been self employed too.

    If I had an employee who wanted to deploy I'd support him. It's about valuing people.

    If I had an employer that blocked my deploying I'd have left: either the job or the TA.

    That's just me of course.
  10. I also phoned the turds at CAPITA twice they didn't even know the site is having serious server issues and yep, you can't do the application over phone. The local AFCO lads think they are shite also but can't help. It's prob cost them a few potential recruits already, ex regs are used to being fucked about though so I'll wait out...the turds.
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  11. I take it you never needed to 'warm' to a job? It's only been a couple of weeks, there are going to be teething problems.

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  12. As you say: "deluded ramblings"

    The TA soldier does not Jump cheerily onto his bicycle for a mass exit from t'factory gates when the shift finishes at 4pm, cycle half a mile to his terraced house where his wife has his tea ready for him before getting the bus two miles to the town Drill hall for a couple of hours of rifle drill and a few pints in the bar with the rest of his Company.

    It's far more likely that he's working long hours with a disjointed life style as a result, has to travel a good way to his TAC because they are now so thinly spread, has to pick up something to eat on the way but doesn't get his TEA any more. Rocks up to find there's twelve people there of whom most are hiding in an office or the stores. Does some bone lesson for the grillionth time and then has a half in the bar because he's got to drive home.

    I think the CGS is looking at a civilian work pattern that is very much different to reality. No doubt many civilians think that the Regular army spend all their time bulling boots, blancoing webbing, shouting and whitewashing coal.

    The TA is going to need a bigger rethink than this for FR2020 to work.
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  13. Having served under CGS twice I would invite him to my business ( 20 employees and £750,000 turn over ) to have a look at a SME.
  14. Would I be correct in thinking you're a Regular Army soldier?