CGS: Regular Reserve to be called up to augment Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. As many will know the statutory age limit for retirement was previously aligned for men and women and is now increased. I won't go into the specifics beyond the obvious projections over th next 2 - 3 decades, which will see the state pension being increased from the 66 - 67 for most retiring in the next 5 - 10 years; inevitably reaching 70 by mid century!

    Alongside this we see a miltitary pension scheme that has gone from AFPS75 - AFPS05 - AFPS15 (and various derivations for reservists etc.), meanwhile reserve commitments have increased from 45 - 55 and now 60 depending on TACOS on enlistment. Likewise AFPS now 'ups' the stakes to age 65 for receipt of full pension.

    Again, I know I'm glossing over the detail, but my point is we are likely see reserve commitment extend to age 65 in the near future. Currently FTRS(HC)(RSG) normally serve to age 60, but can be extended year on year to age 65, subject to fitness. Meanwhile PFAs are already mandatory until age 60 if serving. It's a demographic certainty that if the population retirement age is extended to 70 by the 2040's/2050's then the military age limits in Reg service will be extended too.

    There is already a precedent, for example UK police forces have seen pension changes and age limits extended during the last decade.

    Various police forces are experiencing the same problem of an ageing population within their ranks in much the way the AR is currently structured, which is not necessarily assisted by the Reg Res transfers to AR, although it may improve the numbers of Ph 2 trained personnel. arent_getting younger_every_year.pdf
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  2. I'm only coming back if they can guarantee:

    Combats ('68 pattern)
    58 pattern webbing
    DMS boots (puttees, mind)
    Cheese possessed
    Condemned milk
    S6 respirator
    A spider for my Mk 4 helmet

    Plus, for morale purposes:

    4 DM to the £
    Petrol coupons
    Supply of Shultheiss/Warsteiner/Herfy handbags**
    Bettina Dudkin on BFBS
    Catering by Wolfgang

    And of course...THAT rifle***

    * will accept Boots CH, S10, a Mk 6 and BATCO if absolutely necessary
    ** Tennants acceptable alternative ONLY if there are still pictures of scantily dressed young ladies on the cans

    *** Surprised nobody else has made that a condition

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  3. I thought reserve age limit was 55 unless you're an officer ? Or has that changed?
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  4. Army Pensioners are liable to recall up to 60 but, in practice, the current limit is 55.
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  5. How does this even work? Do they find out where you live from the electoral roll and then send you a letter requesting your presence at Chilwell?

    Unless they turned up at my house and bundled me into the back of a police van at gunpoint (or offered to pay me £1500 a day) I'd tell them to eff off.

    They are however more than welcome to the 2 boxes of miscellaneous stores I took with me when I left, on my foolish assumption at the time that I'd actually need a jungle knife, doss bag, rifle cleaning kit, silva compass, smock, ear defenders and various other odds and sods in my future civvy life.
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  6. It's surprising the wider media hasn't picked up on this. It shows a complete failure of army 2020.

    Also I wonder what they can really do to enforce this - it's easy enough to pretend to have a mental health condition, back pain, recreational drug habit etc.

    Was anyone here for ex lionheart? I heard they jailed people who didn't turn up, but what if they claimed they had a medical condition etc?
  7. Prove it to an Army Doc. With the numbers failing medical for recruiting, this shouldn't be a stretch. I'd suggest visiting you GP about that wheeze you've got and get a inhaler prescribed. Don't forget to get it repeat prescription...
  8. I still really enjoy running.

    If I were called up, however, it'd be terrible if I were continually failing the PFT/OFT...

    Prove I can pass.
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  9. Fair point actually. I think there's a bit missing in this current cunning plan which neglects to consider why the majority of us left, and we're unlikely to go out of our way to get back into green skin again.
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  10. Probably because the only mention of it is a cut and paste from Twitter on this thread.

    There is an oft repeated mantra from CGS that, to combat skills fade in the Regular Reserve certain reservists such as Apache Pilots should be recalled for training to keep them up to date

    Going on Jonathan Beale's Twitter feed there is interesting conversation between Sir Humphrey (Jim 30) and him that puts this to bed.

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  11. A spokesman from Buckingham Palace said! :-D
  12. Pity you never got to use the immortal phrase "excuse ranks, gents!"
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  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I did practice it when I got the notification! :D
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  14. I was speaking to a friend of mine who is an ex-army commercial helicopter pilot. He told me that you can only fly one type of helicopter commercially as otherwise in an emergency situation there is is a large capacity to forget which type of helicopter you are flying and crash. I could be wrong however, but the logic makes sense.

    Not sure how this would work with CGS's plan.

    If this is the case the Army would only be able to call up people who aren't flying anymore and give them enough hours annually to keep them vaguely current and competent, which I would have thought is a very expensive undertaking, let alone trying to get them to drop their civilian commitments and go on tour and be useful.

    I would have thought a better solution would be to recruit more helicopter pilots in the first place, and not waste time sending them on staff courses and appointments, and just keep them as career pilots.
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  15. Absolutely , but you have to have a whole bunch of Generalists, God forbid anyone develops expertise, a general grasp of things will suffice thank you very much.
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