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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. Apologies for the length of it.

  2. Synopsis for those who can't face reading the whole thing:

    - Gordon Brown told TCH to make cuts

    - TCH doesn't understand the military, so he asked me to tell him how to meet the Chancellor's targets

    - I have made cuts, but I have called them reorganisation

    - I have made sure the Paras & the Guards won't suffer, because in moving forward to face the new challenges of the 21st century we really need to retain a capability to deliver troops in a way not used since 1956, and a tourist attraction
  3. LOL Viro! And lets hope it doesn't go tits up in NI.
  4. In a way, i hope it does. And i hope the Balkans kick off and the firemen decide to have another whinge. My reasoning is that it will show this "reorganisation" up for what it truely is - an absolute shambles
  5. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    The pollies say 'Its not me, its the Army'

    The Army say ' Its not me its the pollies'

    Do you think there is much chance of anyone taking responsibility for this fu ck up?
  6. Of course it was Brown who caused this.

    How many Admirals and Generals do you really think went up to TCH and said, "Please, please sir , I really have too many soldiers (or boats) but I need you to give me an excuse to make cuts. Trust me it will be much better for u in Iraq to scrap some infantry battalions."
  7. So no one noticed that the Government have ordered an additional 89 Eurofighter Typhoons?

    Rob Peter - Pay Paul.
  8. Were these additional Typhoons, or had MoD contracted to purchase them and couldn't get out of it?
  9. The later + the need to keep our euro chums happy :evil:
  10. From what little I understand about it, these are the second tranche, that were already on order. BuffHoon did waiver about abit a few months about ordering them. Then somebody pointed out that the first batch were the air-defence varient that is unlikely to see any use, whereas this lot are the ground-attack varient. It would have been a bloody silly idea to scrap the ones that might actually get some use!
  11. Ahhhhhh

    So the Eurofighter isn't "Mission Flexible" like the F/A-18 , the F-16 or the F-15E?
  12. I shall expect the announcement of their scrapping from MoD any day, then! :evil:
  13. Sorry, took some time to pick myself off the floor again!! :) :)

    It would have been a nice, cheap and quick idea to buy a stack of F18s (Carrier capable, if only on the spam monster carriers!), quick and easy to fix and carries one hell of a bombload.

    Instead we presently got Tornado and will get Typhoon. If you need to change an engine it takes ages. The spams were changing engines on F15s in a morning at Honington a few years ago (they were re-surfacing the runway at Lakenheath).
  14. What this basically means is that all of the other re-organisations, cutbacks and re-structuring to meet future requirements and roles have all been for nothing and this one will be the one that finally works.
    What's the betting it does not, just like the rest and results in further cuts, sorry, re-structuring several years for now. One day they will issue policemen with rifles and tell us all that due to recruitment and retention problems we are going to be protected by our police service and not to worry about them carring out this work in the govt's name. When the numbers of police are greater than that of the armed forces does this make us a police state?
  15. No need to scrap them. If they really don't work, Canada will buy them