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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by MrBane, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Lots of chat about this before, but now this has come out:

    With direction from the CGS, Bde Comd 1 Mech Bde has this to say:

    "Nobody is to modify their helmet cover in any way.
    Helmet covers are to be worn as issued, without having the elastic removed.
    Scrim is not to be worn on helmets.
    Sniper tape is not to be seen outside of helmets.
    We are soon to be issued new MTP helmet covers; anyone that modifies this equipment will face administrative action.
    Those that have modified or unserviceable helmet covers will be ordered to remove them and they will wear no helmet cover at all.
    This directive is to be in effect from 30 Jan 12.

    My bold, but it pretty much ends all debate on the subject if you ask me.
  2. Sounds fair enough to me. My unit has had this policy in place for a while, though we had expected to get the new MK7 helmet covers in our black bag issue, we got MK6 covers instead. There'll be a lot of yellow/black/green lids cutting around on exercise and theater very shortly.
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  3. Meh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. that said though the new mk7 helmet cover elastics look very similiar to that of fallshcrimjaeger helmet covers but in MTP, which as far as im concerned makes them mega ally!

    and we all know allyness saves lives! :)
  4. Unless you get one size up I've never found the covers fit without the aid of tape.

    It wont end the debate any more than the wearing/non wearing of name tags, various boots, flashes and all the other bollocks that makes the army so much fun.
  5. Any pics of the new Mk7 helmet cover, is it different? I was issued an MTP helmet cover which had Mk 7 on the label but other than that label it was identical to a Mk 6 helmet cover......and it still didn't fit properly.
  6. in this months soldier magazine in the "write back" section mate, in all fairness considering its made and issued by the army it doesnt actually look cuntish.

    ill try and find a pic online but cant promise :)
  7. Well, if the Boss says so then so be it.
  8. I'll have a look, ta.
  9. Doesn't the CGS have better things to do than dictate crap like this.
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  10. It can only be assumed that as with the issue about how PCS should be worn he's got fed up of people chinning off direct orders on how items of uniform should be worn.
  11. Yes, he is busy helping make people redundant. I wonder if they will have to hand their helmet covers in.
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  12. I think he has a chap who writes it for him and he just signs it off. Mind, it would help if they provided helmet covers that fitted properly before sending out orders to wear unmodified covers without the aid of ally sticky and elastic stuff. Well maybe anyway.

  13. Why is this issue so different to all the others everyone ignores :)
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  14. You mean like 'don't fiddle with kids in AFG'. Only kidding, bad taste - apologies.
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  15. Well I'm still scrimming mine. If anyone tells me to take it off I shall kill myself immediately. That'll learn 'em.
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