CGS interviewed on BBC1 @ 0900 Sunday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Donny, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. On the Andrew Marr show at 9 o'clock this morning - should be worth watching. A few more details here.

  2. Bump - starting now.

  3. Has he been on yet, did I miss him?
  4. Not yet. Interesting that Andrew Marr didn't mention him at the start of the programme, when he introduced all the other guests. I hope he wasn't gagged at the last minute.

  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    On now!!!
  6. George Osborn has just been talking about Defence spending = separating the war in Afghanistan and the defense budget overall. Perhaps a decrease in overall defense spending then? Though he did say matching future commitments with capability, so it really depends on what the Tories envisage for the future.
  7. But no sign of CGS. Is Patrick Hennessy there instead of Dannatt? If so, it's not a great swap.

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Is it just me or is the Times journo a smug cnut talking outta his hoop?
  9. Andrew Marr is one of the most useless Tawts on TV, nothing more than a New Labour mouth piece, Can't see him doing anything contrervesial, Like telling the truth, and Mathew Paris, well, what can you say, A Military Genius and Oxy theif
  10. Yea....they've moved off Afghanistan to Alan Johnson now, no CGS it seems.
  11. Perhaps he had a heavy night on the p155 and rang in sick?

    Listening to Patrick Hennassy and and Doug Beattie on R4 Pm in the week, it seems that former military guys seem better at elucidating the realities of the mission, than any of our current pliticos.

    Beattie particularly mentioned that for every hour in contact there is 4 hours on CIMIC type activity.
  12. Matthew Parris - another failed politician
  13. The Prince of Darkness has left his sweaty prints all over this, Marr wouldn't have the balls to upset Mandy and Cyclops
  14. Nope he is a throbber.

    He seems to be propsing we do what we did in Iraq, which was perceived by journos and the US as down scaling in numbers and just guarding our own camps.

    So we lose all credibility as an armed force.

    As with NI, we can only get to the peace table when the Taliban, in this case, are no longer a viable force. We can only bargain from a position of power.

    To do that we have to provide security for the average Afghan to have some stability and normality in life. We have to invest in building an infrastructure in the country, which is never going to be what we envisage in the west. As someone said, we may get Afghanistan to a level of modernisation similar to what Pakistan is in now, in 10 years or so.

    We can only do this by fighting Terry and forcing him out of the populated areas. Addressing the problem with the Pakistan border, but that is more SF work and Pakistan army stuff.

    With reference to more helicopters, that ex-Para officer summed it up, when he said they went on a mission and the first 3 loads of troops were on the ground for 45 minutes before the second wave arrived, as there were only 3 helicopters available

    But i think we all know this on this site anyway.
  15. I'm surprised he wasn't there because his planned appearance has been trailed for the last few days. I've started a poll on why he didn't turn up here.