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The solution Mr. CGS?

Change the legislation and terms of service, put your money where your fat cakehole is, and make the TA a true 'Reserve' organization, such as that operated in the US military (but better, of course) as opposed to the present and tragically obsolete system which dates from the time of the Cardwell reforms.[snip]

. . . . Now where's me Tetley's?
Now you've finished your cuppa, get your nose back into the history books: Cardwell didn't create the Territorials. They didn't appear until after the Boer War - when the gunmint of the day had to face up to the fact that the Regular Army (which was too, too tiny to defeat the Boers, and had to be supplemented by volunteers from the many unofficial militias and rifle clubs that had grown out of fears of French invasion in the preceding centuries) was no match for the mass army The Hun was building. Now, as then, and as on the eve of WW2, from the Treasury PoV, a Reservist force is seen first and foremost as 'defence on the cheap', which - combined with the politics of capbadge, which requires the maintenance of an disproportionate number of reservist infantry - gets in the way of systematic thinking about how to get the most appropriate balance of Regs/Reserves.
Although to be fair I reckon it is about time we had a 'reformation' of similar scope and upheaval.

The very golden threads we seek to maintain seem to have become golden chains, in which we never do what we should, in order to preserve some (in some cases) obscure past precedent.

Time for a good look at the way our Armed Forces are organised, change what needs to be changed. If we need to purplise it, do it. If we need a seperate 'purple' entity to look after things we could do that too.
No idea what his name was. He was going on about the history werent he?
Well I'm hardly going to give his real name, am I?? Most know his nickname. He was going on about history, was pretty much in from of the General.
For those calling for the legislation to be changed - they need to be aware how complex the RFA 1996 is, and how long it will take to change it (inter alia, finding time in teh Parlaimentary Programme to fit it in). When I left 5th floor of MB in 2009, changes were being proposed as a result of the Strategic Review of Reserve Forces and the earliest these were likely to be enacted was 2015!
It's funny how they manged to change it last year to allow for Op OLYMPICS then.
If compulsory mobilisation is introduced, won't the old question;

'Why join the TA? Do the job for real!'

Have to be dusted off?

Since the part time army seems to be getting lined up to do the same job as the regs, but much cheaper, (a simplification, I know) who will employ them in their REAL fulltime, pensionable jobs? If I had a small business, I wouldn't want a body joining who is guaranteed to bugger off for six months plus, they probably wouldn't make it past the first stage of application.

How do you get 140% mobilisation?


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Well I'm hardly going to give his real name, am I?? Most know his nickname. He was going on about history, was pretty much in from of the General.
Most only know him by his nickname . . .

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