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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. Last one - unless anyone wants the accompanying PowerPoint slide pack! :)

  2. Another great post from Slopes (AKA SO3 Paperclips and Staples, DStationeryA) :lol:
  3. Hey Slopes,
    Being a SPAM (and I love the stuff too!) send me the PowerPoint! We think in PPT you know! Been following this with great interest as we went thru a similar experience in the early 90s. My regiment, the 41st, went from four battalions to 0 and now back to 1.
  4. Is the CGS off message here? I thought the whole driver behind the Infantry cuts was that 'normalisation' IS hapening in NI.

    Smoke 'n' mirrors
  5. [quote="Hootch Is the CGS off message here? I thought the whole driver behind the Infantry cuts was that 'normalisation' IS hapening in NI.

    Just the difference between military reality and political wishful thinking.
  6. Cheers Woopert - but I usually get my SO3s to make me brews and post some of my more inflamatory comments and ideas on my behalf!
  7. A term, in daily use within the army I know - "BOLLOCKS".

    1. Why are we spending a fortune converting only some of our 430 series with a new drive train instead of all of them (probably due to the contract DPA placed to supply parts for the old 430 series)?

    2. Why are CVRT getting replaced at a time when they are becoming much more reliable and capable?

    3. Why are RLC & REME so keen to cut posts - proper cuts, not just gapping- at a time when the FAS is freeing up logisticians and other support elements?

    4. Why are we insisting it is down to CO's to take the risk when accepting vehs & eqpt issued by WFM that are far from up to date on modifications, including safety ones?

    5. Why are we planning to use the TA more & more when APC is insisting it will only allow a TA soldier to do no more than 42 months FTRS service?

    6. Why are we trying to sell the "people thing" when no increase in Infantry - after all that is the majority of what we deploy - means more RA, RAC, RLC, REME, etc will have to be deployed in the infantry role just to keep the numbers up, resulting in more non infantry people deployed away from there families?