CGS - British troops should be trained as nation-builders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Personally , I think it's essential and the way to go. Though I don't tink it should be solely confined to the Military .Now if you could dovetail suitable S20 operatives with the right aptitude and enthusiasm on extended tours with this, it's a winner.
  2. To paraphrase an oft quoted phrase (dementia kicking in) go in harsh then apply kindness.

    The Romans did the same thing, flattened and almost decimated the natives then rebuilt.

    I'm surprised that it's taken so long for top brass to vouch for this. (not quite I know)

    We all know that once there are feet on the ground (Germany, Japan) an occupation force becomes a police/infrastructure necessity.

    Yes, the politicos have said this also but we don't listen/trust them. This, announcement I would say carries more weight, if only because it comes from one of our own.

    Good call.
  3. Maybe they could start with the UK. Well, charity should begin in the home., shouldn't it?
  4. Given the current climate it took him long enough to produce a 'state the bloody obvious' soundbite, mind you, he's a soldier, not some slimy politician. If training in that direction is the way forward I can see The Corps being expanded (cutbacks, what cutbacks?) :salut:
  5. We'd have to convince DfID to let us get on with it, rather than insisting on the establishment of four thousand committees before any work starts...
  6. Tha'll need committees. Nowt moves w'owt committee say so.
  7. Whilst the concept is sound, I am unsure of the number of volunteers to work with Lambeth Council for 2 years, and what job they would do? Outreach councillor?
  8. The politicos knew this they just didn't want to pay for it post Iraq...and post Afghanistan. well done Rumsfield TCH and all the other players in that clearly thought out policy! :x

    Aid has been and is still better delivered by the forces having some primacy in its development rather than NGO's. In kosovo, i saw how various big and small NGO's worked at first hand and they rarely had the resources to deliver the valuable Aid they had without some use of our cell.

    Once again however the problem as i see it is not so much the guys on the ground not being nation builders once an area is secure its seems to be the government in the form of the Foreign Office and DFID? Interested to hear otherwise?

    Finally the government have figured that money needs to be spent and worryingly for One Eye lots of it! If only they thought the same about 'offensive operations' :x
  9. Wasn't it Denaro on Today this morning, and not Dannatt? I will admit to missing a section, but not that mad polo-throwing.....
  10. BiscuitsAB

    Tha's right!!!

    But it's the bloody wheeltappers and shunters club that seem to be running the show :(

    Whhennn aaaah werrrrrrr (insert phlegm) a rraaddd....

    (cue Dvorak's new world symphony for the Hovis advert - uphill wi his bike)
  11. I thought we already had the nation building down pat. Engrs to rebuild bridges, siganals put in the phones, and everybody else goes round a nd paints a school or something.

    This is concentrating on the "committee" bit. Something the Armed Forces don´t really do.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The septics, under Petreaus got that lesson learned after a few years, and it's part and parcel of 'The Surge'. They'd swamp an area with troops, have love-ins with all the sheiks and players, move the rubbish, provide the locals with all the kit and fuel they needed, empower the local bosses, train the local troops and police, and then surge somewhere else to do the same thing; all the while, assisting in the chasing down and slotting of the bad guys.

    The reason why we've not been able to have the same successes as the septics is UNDERFUNDING, UNDER-EQUIPPING, UNDER MANNING and gobment incompetence.

    I must point out though, that the septics DID accuse us of getting into bed with all and sundry a couple of years ago in the Stan . . . . only for them to do the same thing in Iraq, and then reap the rewards!

    'Hearts and Minds' is a British thing, copied by the yanks, not the other way around of course, but they've got the gobment backing, the funds, the kit, and the men.

    So, in essence, General Sir Richard Dannatt is right as usual, but the whole thing falls apart because it's not supported by our own government, and less by the MOD which is scratching around in the dirt for ever reducing funds, and what it can find, it's p!ssing up the wall through incompetence.
  13. Halo Jones you have your finger on the pulse - ever thought of running for gubbmint??

    Well said, far more eloquently and to the point than I could ever hope to.

    I thank you.
  14. A very interesting concept ,especially as there are so many spare squaddies sitting around doing nothing who could be better employed sitting about in a Town Hall organising bin collections. Maybe a better idea would be to train some of the 1.6 million unemployed to perform these tasks and leave the overstretched and underfunded forces to do their job. If there is one certainty in these suggestions it's that no more money would be made available so it would be funded from the defence budget.
  15. Biped

    Well said.

    Between you and Halo Jones... Can I PM you both before I post?

    You put it so much better than I.

    I can chunter away to my hearts content but it's folk like you we need to get this across to joe public (via the meedja?).

    You two are far better than the gubbmint spin doctors. As in Catchphrase - say it how you see it :D