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CGS Approval

You're fucked?

Alternatively, someone in the chain has a similar name and someone has messed up?

Or, someone in your chain is having a laugh?
arnold_rimmer said:
What does it mean if CGS is listed as an approver on your OJAR?

Just seen it on my JPA screen and he's certainly not my 2RO or anything.

:? :? :?
It means that your chain of command is not corrrectly set up. All my JPA business went direct to CGS for a while, and I spent hours talking to my Admin Office in order to resolve it! I was posted to one unit, administered by another, and detached elsewhere when JPA started.

IIRC, your RAO will require the LSN (is it the PID these days) , your UIN and the JPA numbers for your 1RO and 2RO.

Unfortunately, even though CGS and I were on first name terms by the end (he called me "Litotes" and I called him "Sir"), he didn't volunteer to give my CR a boost before our relationship was severed!


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