CFTs (or whatever they're called now. Are Helmets and weapons included in the weight

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ratty22, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. Evening All

    Yes, I know it's a super new site, but I can't find what was on here before. I know it was here, I know the question's been answered before, it's probably looking at me, but....

    Simple question. For the purposes of performing the CFT, for any arm, is the weight of rifle, helmet and water-bottle included in the weight to be carried.

    That's your lot.


    Old Rat
  2. It’s currently called the AFT (this week)

    From MATT 2:

    Test Standards:

    The load carried for the test (see Table 6 below) is inclusive of personal weapon and all ancillary items of equipment (helmet, Combat Body Armour (CBA) etc).

    Dress and Equipment:

    6 Dress for the AFT is boots, CS 95, PT vest/sweatshirt, combat jacket (dependent upon
    weather), wearing Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PCLE), carrying personal weapon (SA80 or LSW).

    7.The configuration of PCLE to be carried may be Combat Order, Assault Order or Bergen and is to be determined by local commanders.

    8Personal equipment and weapons are to be carried by individuals throughout the test and are not to be shared amongst the group.
  3. Caarps

    Thanks chum. Just the job

    Old Rat
  4. My pleasure

    (no doubt someone will be along soon to tell me I am wrong) :)
  5. The weight doesn't include the water - apparently in case some fly types tip it out to save a whole kilo.....
  6. I did my CFT last week and it was 55lbs not including helmet, weapon and 1 bottle of water. However before we started the 2 pti's were debating wether it was or wasn't inlcuded so we just cracked on with what we had packed already.
  7. The helmet and rifle are included in the weight but water is not. It's normally a case for me to put 15kg in my daysack/bergan and 6 kilos in my webbing and the then that leaves the rifle which is about 4 1\2 kgs.
  8. IIRC I was always led to understand 'infantry weight' was 44lb + helmet & IW with attached arms is 24lb but that was a while back,

    And for two PTI's not to know the proper official weights require pulled to the side for a refresh and wake up lesson!
  9. A few lads who were struggling on my CIC went down the shop and bought about 4-5 big 2 litre bottles of spar cheap and nasty orangade. got about 3 corners in, and with no PTIs looking, tipped the whole lot out into the road.

    Lucky for them, we weren't weight checked at the end, they did well out of that.

    I have to admit, I may have 'topped up' CFT weight on a few occasions with some disposable rocks.
  10. Infantry, All Arms Para/Cdo trained personnel serving in Para/Cdo units, REME (Regt Spec only), SASC – 25Kg

    H Cav, HAC, RAC, RA, RE – 20Kg


    APTC personnel are to carry the load applicable to the Arm/Service to which they are attached
  11. AFT should be a minimum wieght of Osprey, ammo, water, weapon and helmet for all. I guess that will be around 25-30Kg min. Its what we carry on Ops and we should get used to it. At least we wouldn't have to worry about 45+ degree heat...
  12. No, it shouldnt. The test is entirely relevant as it is.

  13. Block of ice thats what you need, or a giant leaking 15ltr water bladder
  14. Everytime i have done it the weight did not include weapon, helmet and water
  15. Well every time you have done it, you have done it wrong