Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by culhann, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. So who is pissed off about the new cft,

    6 miles is a lot to cover lol, if your a fat cnt.

    But a mate has just told me we might do 8 miles ohh shit lol.

    any views?
  2. Yeah, save energy.... stay in bed lol!
  3. Why do prats like you insist on posting this shit. Its a minimum standard, if you can't make it then F**k off! It's lard arses like you that are giving the rest of the TA a bad name.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I have heard it is 6 miles this year, and go back to 8 miles the year after. Not looking forward to it as i am a fat C8nt lol! But then as we are working with the regs more these days, that is the way it should be. Should help lose those love handles!
  5. In a desperate attempt to save this thread from the arrsehole (and therefore the good name of the TA Forum), we have our first attempt at the new MATTS, including the 6 miler, in a little over a month.

    The original strategy was to leave all fitness tests to the end of the year, to give the guys a chance to improve their fitness. However, I welcome having the tests early, to show us all (including me) how unfit we all are and to give us something to aim for.

    Has anyone else's units attempted the new fitness tests yet?
  6. Maybe you shouldn't be a fat kunt then.
  7. In fairness to Culhann, he's a recruit, so give him a break.

    As for the CFT, it will be a good indicator this year on fitness levels throughout the TA; I can see some bounty hunters getting a sharp shock over the coming year.
  8. be like our T.A. troop , No Cft pass or any other failure inc. bpfa , No Bounty , simple ! !
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    We have never done anything other than the 8 miler as a standard test. It is not difficult, merely a brisk walk in the country. The biggest problem people are likely to have is overcoming the mental hurdle that this is some kind of difficult test!

    As stated by others on this thread (and ad nauseum elsewhere) it is the minimum standard, it is not difficult, shut up and get on with it. Failure to do so will only add strength to those TA baiters out there.

  10. We had both the new 6mile cft and one of the new pft's very early this year. Now there was the usual amount of groaning before hand but after we all agreed that it was a good idea. I especially feel that should we be working more with the regs (on both an operational and training role) that we should be up to their standard.

    I totally agree with StabTiffy when he says about giving people a specific point to aim at. Its generally a good idea but i do feel its fair to give people an idea of what they need to go away and achieve.

  11. Our unit has been doing 8 and 10 milers for years now and, rather than being viewed as a one-off event, are the norm. Consequently, when we go tabbing it's acknowledged that it will be that distance and not the 4 and 6 miles tabs as previously done and to be introduced respectively. Granted, recruits will build up gradually to that distance, with according increments for time and weight, however, it's made clear to them that the longer distances are the norm in the unit.

    I think it's a good to do the tests now to see where individuals rank against its criteria but, if they're the base level of fitness required and have not changed markedly to previous annual fitness assessments/tests, surely that's a level of fitness that should be maintained year round and not seen as a mini Olympics to train for, albeit on an annual basis.
  12. The regs do 8 so why shouldn't we? we sit and moan about not getting respect off regulars and then we sit and moan when we bring the standards up towards their level...If your worried and dreading the CFT then obviously your not fit enough, so work on it and improve....your no good to us if you don't anyway...

    Simple as that really. I face going back to the TA after 2 years out through injury, two whole f'kin years and my fitness has all gone, completely gone, strength the lot and when I go back I'll happily put a bet on that I'll be one of most un fit and soldiers in the British Army, and more than anyone else, I have some hard f'kin graft ahead of me, some hard graft but if I'm willing to do it why aren't you? Infact, not willing, you f'kin have to....and I want to...

    It doesn't p1ss me off, I think it's good because hopefully it'll sort the walts out from the guys who actualy take this lark seriously, weed them out and fcuk them off, It's also a new challenge and the TA's changing and becoming more and more active around the world, so the standards have to be raised. My last time out was when I got called up for telic 4 and I felt really ashamed when lads were breathing out their arse after the first bit of a run on the CFT and the regulars were proper taking the p1ss, saying we should be ashamed to call ourselves soldiers...They never looked at us the same after that.

    Move yer fcukin arrse kid or you'll get it moved for you, either by other lads or by your unit out the fcukin door....
  13. Two years - holy god!!!

    I've worn my knee down to a fine point and was advised to take it easy for a month; went out for my first run in ages last night and was breathing out my arse. Good luck getting it back mate - it's all up hill!!!!
  14. As we can see from GB4ever and Gluck's units, some are already achieving higher standards, which can only be a good thing. Out of curiosity, are you guys both in infantry units?

    The duke: I wasn't complaining. I too think the eight miler is a doddle and we should have to pass it this year. My argument was that we should attempt it earlier in the year to give the biffs a chance to improve, rather than leave it to the last few months of the year and suffer the retention ramifications of blokes leaving because they won't get their Bounty.
  15. Thanks mate, yer had some weird problem and it's taken ages to heal up, the surgeon doesn't know why, GP doesn't know why and the district nurses don't know why....I think I'm a bit strange :?

    I played a little bit of footy last saturday and was absolutely knackered after 10 mins, I think I was blue :lol: