Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. i know what the BPFA entails but what about the CFT?
  2. 8 miles wearing CS95, boots , rifle, 25 kg in 1hour 55 mins . Includes one water stop . If you have a good PTI you
    will not break into a jog . Easy !
  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaah anyhow ta cft is 4 miles ...hic
  4. ^Until next year when it increases to 6 and then at some future point we can do a real one without calling it something else (would I do that to my OCdts, surely not!)
  5. It is for the moment but the 8 miler is coming in (if my sources are correct)
  6. So why is the TA CFT only 4 miles then ? How can you TA whinge that they are not treated respectfully
    by regulars when there CFT is only 4 miles , my god army cadets can do that .
  7. 4 miles in what time tho?
  8. The TA CFT is 4 miles because of one reason..... TIME AVAILABLE, nothing else.
  9. As far as I can remember :? , TACFT 4 Miles in under 1Hr But not quicker than 55 mins. There must be a PTI out there who can quote the pamph.
  10. You got the weights wrong, as well.

    Infantry, SF and PTIs is 25 Kilos (including Weapon but not water),
    RE and Artillery is 20 Kilos (including Weapon but not water),
    Support is 15 Kilos (including Weapon but not water).

    Stabs should do the Regular CFT (it's not hard for christs sake).

    While on Telic (drag up a sandbag) there was a fellow stab winging about doing more than 4 miles. She was berated for being a stab while I kept quiet and just got on with it.

    Two standards dosen't do much good in a one army enviroment.
  11. so the sigs comes under the support bracket and carry less?
  12. 15 Kilos including Rifle (a rifle weighs about 4 kilos, if I remember correctly),


    33lbs + Weapon and Helmet.
  13. Look guys it is not personal , do you think it is right that TA have a 4 miler and regs have an 8 miler ?
    Come on you want to be treated like equals dont you ? To say its a lack of time issue well what a load of crap
    Everybody who wears the uniform should reach the same standards . That way you wont have any regulars
    slagging the the TA off .
  14. I allready said that (and I'm a stab). :wink: