CFT with hiking poles

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mungeous, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen the chap tabbing round Blandford camp with a pair of hiking poles? It looks to me like he is training for a CFT as he is in uniform (sweaty green tshirt, combats etc...).

    From this does anyone know of any policy restrictions stopping him doing a CFT using the poles?


  2. Apart from the PTI screaming to 'keep both hands on your weapon!!!'
  3. Are you sure they're not Estonians?
  4. Might be Euthanasians.....
  5. Might not be hiking poles, might be ninja weapons.

    Actually i preferred Sandmanfez's answer, so i'll shut up now
  6. It might have been Dhalsim from street fighter???
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    gets me every time (daft bloody woman)
  8. The militant wing of the ramblers association?
  9. I believe it's called Nordic Walking or something like that. No, honestly.
  10. Damn and blast! you got me pulling me pam's out.
    Not CFT training, must be a hard core "blandford harrier".
    Regs are pretty tight on dress codes for CFTs, although i could be behinde a bit cos i just heard the bpfa has been sacked and the new pft is here!?!?
    am i hearing things?
    anyway once had to fail a captain on a cft as he wasnt wearing a combat jacket (and he had a black lab on tow too!) like i said, dress regs are tight.
  11. Why didn't you tell him to put it on when you weighed his bergen?
  12. So assuming he's dressed correctly etc, are there any issues with how the rifle is carried?
  13. Good point. I've just checked the Regs, which state:

    "Personal equipment and weapons are to be carried by individuals throughout the test and are not to be shared amongst the group."

    It doesn't state how though.

    It also states:

    "PT vest/sweatshirt, combat jacket (dependant upon weather)."
  14. Sorry just begs the question why??????
    Would have to be some bloody retard to have to use poles to get round a CFT! But then this is the signals an extreme form of intelligence known only to themselves :)

  15. Or perhaps just want to pass a CFT so they're no longer downgraded, and be deployable?