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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by whitemouse75, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. after 3 years in phase 2, i need to step up the phys a little bit so i dont die on posting...can someone tell me the weight carried in kgs for inf and non-inf cfts???
  2. The load carried for the test is inclusive of personal weapon and all ancillary items of equipment (helmet, CBA etc).


    Inf, All arms Para / Cdo, SASC 25Kg

    R MON RE (M), HAC, RAC, RA, RE 20Kg

  3. 25kg- infantry, commando/para trained non inf.

    20kg-Most artillery or other more warry types.

    15kg- Musicians, Signals etc.

    Thats for the BCFT's. Not sure on the exact breakdown unitwise, have a look in your gym, maybe do some phys while you are in there and you'll be much less likely to die on posting.

    Unless youre posted to the 1st Queens Suicide Bombers?
  4. You spent 3 years in Phase 2? I've heard of backsquadding, but that's ridiculous!
  5. :lol:

    3 year course!!

    thanks for the replies people, i'll dig the scales out!
  6. okay im afraid im ta (dont throw stuff at me)

    but i am at least infantry

    the infantry weight is 20 kg carried in bergan which must include your webbing with your rifle slung which makes the total weight of 25Kg i believe i dont know i just remember doing 6 cft last year
  7. Infantry is 25KG (55lbs) inclusive of rifle and helmet. Rifle weighs about 4KG, so go for around 8KG in your webbing and the rest in your daysack.
  8. I take it from the "3 yrs in phase 2" bit that you're a QA registered nurse. If so then you're in luck. The weight for QAs is a fantastic, back breaking, bowel boiling, trouser soiling... 10kg (22lbs in old money)! This does not include helmet/rifle/water etc (thats more than 10 kg alone!). Freaky I know, but there you are. I had to double check with my unit PTI, who stated that this was correct, albeit with a look of remorse in his eye.

    However, if you are male and carry less than 20kg (45lbs), you will be scorned as some sort of effeminate lesser being (not that you aren't already, being a QA and all).
  9. hmmm....10 kgs. i reckon if i build up slowly i'll get there by the summer.