CFT required


Unfortunately i missed by sub unit matts weekend last year because i had to work and the next matts mop up weekend is this weekend. Unfortunately I am on a matts instructor course and therefore i cannot attend. Are there any units in 160 bde or 143 bde that are running a CFT in the next few weeks which i can join in on. The PSAO has agreed to this as long as i get proof from the unit that i have completed it.

THanks in advance.
37 Sigs are holding a MATTs weekend on the 20th to the 22nd of this month, not sure where it is, usually up Donnington, have your PSI give em a bell.

See you there butt!
4 Mercian are having a MATTS weekend 13th-15th March at Swynnerton, sack off the Sigs CFT and do a real one with the Infantry.
dana99 said:
I am busy on the 13th March but I could meet you guys there on the 14th march, what time are you running the CFT?
By PM please.


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