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My MATTS are coming.....

My instructions state any REME regimental specialists are to carry 25kg (lucky me). Just out of interest does anyone in REME TA carry 15kg?

Also any tips on ensuring my PLCE doesn't look like a bag of shite?

Any comments or tips would be gratefully received :lol:
Just ask someone who knows there stuff to give you a hand fit it all.....Asking for help with your webbing means your switched on enough to care, rather than a bag of shit with his water bottle tw*tting his knees
davenport said:
Just out of interest does anyone in REME TA carry 15kg?
15kg is, I'm fairly sure, standard for those capbadged REME (RS excepted, obviously). Recently transferred to an LAD from a Bn, so not sure if there are any grey areas - like carrying the weight of the arm you're attached to if it's more.

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