CFT question

Prize for the first dumbaarse question in ages?

What footwear is worn for CFT run? (told you it was dumbaarse)
Issue boots.
Ones that fit and are comfortable the cft will still hurt regardless of what boots you wear, just turn your head off and do your best.
Here's a non wah then.

What if you can't get on with the issue boots? I bought a pair for civvy walking to replace the previous model Boots Combat High that I'd worn out. The newer (current) ones tore my feet to shreds. So I bought another pair of the older BCH and they were fine.

I suspect another pair of the current ones would cause the same problem so would I be expected to make my own boot flavoured black pudding or would it be permitted to wear an alternative :?
If youve got problems with issue footwear, see your MO, if he agrees the issue boots arent doing you any favours, he will issue a chit to get some comfy magnum stylee brothel creepers.
Like everyone else has mentioned issue boots. Although I have seen a few guys who have passed all their basic training wearing Magnum Spider 8" because of it being so lightweight, really depends on yourself though and what agrees with your feet.
Any boot you like as long as they're comfortable and don't blister your feet. I personally use Lowas, however alot of people are using the non-goretex Altbergs. If you want a good boot to last, you're gonna spend over £100.

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