CFT query for CMSR at Lichfield

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. just want to double check on this....ive read and heard that the CFT for TA is about to/has changed from 4 mile to 6 mile

    but on my joining instructions i received for Lichfield for me 2 weeks it states the CFT is 4 mile? or has it not been updated yet?

    and also for RE, is it 15 or 20kg weight?

  2. For trained soldiers the CFT is 6 miles. For recruits the level is less, I think the input standard for the CIC phase is 4 miles but with less weight.
  3. You should assume the 4 miles is a typo or leftover from pre April 07.

    As the CFT changed from 4 to 6 miles way way back on 31 March, you and
    your unit should have been preparing for a 6 miler anyway so i am sure
    you will have no problems.

  4. My goodness, things are getting easier ............
  5. I expect that, by the time you complete the course, it will be a 6 miler with what I believe is 15kg tops for RE.

    Training staff will build you up to it over the two weeks and it will pretty much feel like a piece of cake (first one will feel evil though, and the quarry is... 'pleasant').

  6. Mennox,

    The CFT will be 6miles as of 01April2007 and the CFT weight will be 20Kg as you come under a Combat support Unit
  7. excellent cheers mate...and cheers for the poster above too
  8. On our CiC we did six miles two extra because thats what the instructors wanted to see us do no matter if it was only four! Six isnt that bad anyway all in the mind.
  9. You talk about "your unit will prepare you for it" - well how do you see that working for specialist units? I do my part 1B then the next time i put my kit on will be for my part 1C and i will have no contact with the Army between those two dates.

    Anyone know what percentage of the TA is made up of specialist units?
  10. Never mind that, anyone know what the percentage of the TA is made up of gheys? FFS, it's a short walk with a backpack on, regardless of what you do.
  11. Seconded, Thirded and Fourthed.

    If you can pass, then thats great. If not, theres the fucking door.