CFT Packing Trouble

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Pal1984, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Im currently coming into week 12, and going into next week's CFT, I'm Having a little trouble trying to pack my burgen to get the correct weight for CFT which is 20K. Does anyone know what I should pack?

    It has to only be military kit.

    Week 12 crow. :twisted:
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    maggot wrapped around some weights. Just make sure you make the back comfortable and get the weight as high and as close to your back as you can.
  3. 2ltr bottles of water, wrapped inside your maggot as above.

    Alternatively fill it full of track pads, and suffer like a bast&%d. :oops:
  4. Ask around the block, I'm sure you're not the only one who's going to be doing it. How much does your current set up weigh?
  5. Im not too sure paal, but we did our 1st proper Tab the other week, without weighing our bergen's and the PTI said it was well over weight...
    if i was to pack 9x2 Litre bottles of water plus the sleeping bag i wouldnt be far off would I? hope not anyway, and is it true that 1 litre of water weights 1 kilo?
  6. At room temperature water has a density of 0.998 g/cm3, so yes, one litre weighs one kilogram.

    Send someone to a hardware shop to get one of those sprung mass hangers for you to measure your kit's weight accurately. Remember that if you include your drinking water in the total, then you'll be a few kg underweight at the end.

    Best of luck mate.

    Edited for dopeyness
  7. Wikipedia = "litre of WATER at 4°C has a MASS of 1Kg. Weight is dependent on gravity".

    PS I always find that once one of your mates has weighed in, if you sneek his new boogie box, all singing all dancing iron or other such Gucci, but heavy kit into his bergen, repackage as before and tell him half way around the CFT, it goes down a royal treat!

    He will thank you for it, really :D

  8. thanks pal, much appreciated. this website is quite useful. only joined yesterday lol.
    ill get hold of one of them hangers if ill need one, no doubt ill be using it more than once :)
  9. The earth's gravitational field is unlikely to change during the course of a CFT, so points for being a physics pedant, but don't confuse the poor lad further.

    We'll be discussing the viscosity of air next ;)
  10. Now with my sensible PTI head on, any good PTI will encourage 2 things

    1. You drink at least 2 litres of water during the test (or more dependent on heat, humidity etc ) so they will not count that water as part of the weigh in process.

    2.Provide scales the evening before or in good time prior to the test to allow packing and repacking to get the correct weight. A quick random weigh in prior to the test (and occasionally after) will then take place to ensure that the correct weight is being carried and that no-one is carrying more than the should or need to be.

    Packing advice would be to pack the heaviest items high in the Bergan/daysacks, ensure that nothing is likely to move around as you run/march and that all the straps and belts are set to be as comfortable and supportive as possible.

    Any water carried in bottles to make up weight should be full completely to the neck of the bottles (2ltr coke bottles for example) so as not to slosh around putting extra strain on the back. My advice would be to follow the Instructors instructions and use only Mil Kit as that is what the Combat Fitness Test is designed to emulate, i.e. a march into battle. Sand/earth/rubble in plastic bags or sandbags is acceptable to simulate ammunition etc but be aware that it needs to be well padded

    hope that helps matey

  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If you have to do this, then your Sect Comd is being a sod. Ask him for a set of scales, guaranteed either he or the Pl Sgt has some which he can lend you.
  12. Can this be confirmed about the weight being as high as possible please?

    I thought that the weight was meant to be as low as possible to create a lower centre of gravity and therefore a more stable bergen?
  13. Keep the weight high as already stated mate
  14. Cheers, I'll do that for the next CFT. Should hopefully make it a little easier for me then.
  15. Hey Everyone, THANKYOU all so much for helping me out with the packing of a Bergen for CFT...

    I have finally got hold of a set of scales, and managed to weigh the correct amount...

    so i'm going to put the list of what i packed to get 45lbs (20 Kilo) in case anyone else needs it.

    1: Bergen (no side pouches)
    2: Small + Large Mess Tin
    3: Poncho
    4: Webbing with Rifle cleaning kit and 4 empty Magazines
    5: Helmet
    6: Respirator, Canister and sack
    7: Bivvi Bag
    8: Sleeping Bag (standard issue)
    9: 6 Litre's of water

    Once again Thankyou to everyone who gave advice. there is some very informative advice too lol. and thankyou for also mentioning how to pack a Bergan with weight positioning...

    I look forward to becoming a Royal Engineer!

    good luck for the rest of everyones career.