CFT on married quarters

The only reason I ask, (I am no council guru), is that on or off camp it would probably be better to try and resolve the issue through your CoC (Fat chance I know), if it's outside the wire the council noise police can get involved and are not allowed to disclose the details of the aggrieved.


no no no little ones aside they are in bed.
but when they do a CFT.
past my house at that time in the morning.
it cant be right .
Is it a CFT or a section attack? You're complaining about a group of soldiers having a fast walk, correct?

A load of blokes tabbing past make a damn site less noise than a stream of traffic going past. (That means cars, driving down the road, you're not the most "gifted" of individuals, after all).

Try living near a train line, or an airfield.

Or, let the kids back in the house for the night you bad man, then they won't be disturbed in the morning. Someone call the Social (again).
Put s sign up at the start of your street, asking them to be quiet.

Fo the above posters, depending on those taking the CFT depends on whether it is a brisk morning stroll, where one can chat with your neighbour about important issues of the day, or whether the leaders scream and shout all the way around.

Alternatively, take a lesson of your own at there house/room.

WHTs on T Bangs, Smoke and shemullies (for those who a re qualed) might get the point across :twisted:
Better than having your neighbours taking their little yappy mutts for the morning walk at that time, mind you I'd rather have that then 20 sweaty squaddies surface-lay on your front garden. Try a 'Quiet Please' sign.

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