CFT In Jetpack order?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Whiskey_60, Dec 3, 2008.

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    Pages 2 and 3 of that thread explain how TA recruits on their CIC are being made to do their 4 mile and 8 mile CFT carrying their 25kilo loads in rocket pouches rather than Bergens. As a result it seems theres been alot of injuries.

    Any PTI/ETL confirm whether this is allowed? I was lead to believe they had to be conducted with either a Bergen or a robust Daysack. If the Bergens are there to use why use two rocket pouches and a Yoke?

    If this is normal or theres no difference in doing it with the flimsy rocket pouch and yoke over the bergen designed to carry that much weight the I'll go back into my box.

    Anyone In the know?
  2. Whiskey, the CFT can be conducted with either rocket pouches, daysacks or bergans.

    It is up to the Bde SO2/ Unit PT Corps staff to steer the CO into letting people wear bergans.

    I done mine this morning wearing a bergan.

    Edited to add that, if there are a lot of injuries, that suggests that people are not getting the correct advice and/or build up training.
  3. Cheers mate, I'll get back In my hole!

    Never done one with jetpacks before - don't think I'd like to either!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    From the latest MATTS documentation (2.3.4 Test Protocol):


    6 Boots, CS 95, PT vest/sweatshirt, combat jacket
    (dependent upon weather), wearing Personal Load
    Carrying Equipment (PCLE [sic]). Carrying personal weapon
    (SA80 or LSW).

    7 The configuration of PCLE to be carried may be
    Combat Order, Assault Order or Bergen and is to
    be determined by local commanders.

    8 Personal equipment and weapons are to be carried
    by individuals throughout the test and are not to be
    shared amongst the group.
  5. Whiskey, check my edit.
  6. CS 95, PT vest/sweatshirt, combat jacket (dependent upon weather),

    Question - Who makes the decision to not wear combat jackets? Does CS95 mean you would wear a normal shirt under the jacket? I find that even if its slightly warm i sweat like a rapist, i can wring my jacket out when i get to the end of a CFT!
  7. Cheers for that mate, It would ring true to be honest. As far as I know during their CMSR the recruits only do one CFT and thats a 4 miler with 15kgs then their next one is the two on their CIC.

    When I compare that to my regular CIC we were doing many different tabs at different weights/speeds/distances to get us ready for our CFT. Obviously with the TA there is much less time to do this though unfortunately.
  8. The decision should be made by the person conducting the test.

    If you want to take it off, ask!
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The order of dress is decided by the conducting officer in consultation with the PTI concerning the heat stress issues likely to arise. Wet bulb globe test etc will be a key factor.

    Individual dress states based on a single soldier asking? Unlikely.

    As for the rocket pouch issues - I have never seen it done, and hope to never see it done.
  10. Our head gym teacher has decreed the weight (15Kgs as SUTs) is spread between belt kit and daysacks.
  11. The mood does change but I gathet that Brecon insist in jetpacks only as that is what you'd rely on on operations.

    Logical but I gather most blokes use in Afg etc. use the Patrol pack.
  12. BB I've heard that a couple of Aldi carrier bags does it for you.
  13. Sorry thats not right.

    Lidl, mate. Lidl.
  14. yea i'd go tesco if i were you, then they break quicker and you no longer have such a can prance it...