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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 762baynet, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Can a qualified PTI help please?
    What is the CFT distance requirement for corps personnel in the TA? I have a minor dilema with my recruits but neither of the PTIs can give me the def answer- is it 4 or 6 miles? The PTI's will get an answer but I need to know asap. Thanks in advance.
  2. Why don't you wait for Trussell to post I'm sure he'll have something to say about it
  3. 6 Miles....Teeth arms 25kg all the rest 15kg...
  4. Here here to that.
    On the CFT side of things.. I think its going up to 8 miles next year. Anyone want to comment?
  5. Currently for TA it is 6 miles unless you are going on a deployment then it is the 8 miler.
    Infantry 25kg
    RAC 20kg
    Others 15kg
    This is inclusive of weapon & helmet. Water is not included.
    It is proposed that it increases to 8 miles next year.
  6. How are you TA guys gonna cope with the full 8?
  7. Yeah cause I'm a PTI.. I post in what.. 2 foreign/ technical areas and recieve a reputation for drizzle :( Sorry guys.. lesson learnt. I only post cause I have an interest.. sorry if it's that annoying.
    And on that note, whatever the distance is, I hope you do well :)
  8. Nice one gents, thanks for that...
  9. By adding a further 2 miles to one of the easiest tests in the army. :roll:
  10. By walking another two miles?

    The Regulars have just as many lazy fat cunts as the TA, the difference is that you can biff them out of the door a lot easier than we can.

    I thought that the TA RE had to carry 20kg, not 15, with weapon and helmet and water on top of that?

    Or have I just been hard done by?
  11. I've done the 8 miles with teeth arms weight a few times now, it's still just a nice stroll in the country the same as the 4 miles was.
  12. Until some sadistic cunt shouts the immortal phrase.....

    "Prepare to double"

    Ah well, all this and pay!
  13. I hate that phrase, always when I've just about stopped sweating and caught my breath and feeling quite relaxed.

    Damn PTI's ruining my walk.
  14. The giggle being, that its a piece of piss to TAB 8 miles in 2 hours!

    Shouldn't be a need to double!
  15. The worst part is when you've got some jack b*stard in front slacking and dropping back, then it's 2 hours of walking and sprinting, I reckon the PTI's put them up to it!!