CFT course at Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar69, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Got a course coming up which involves a cft ( or perhaps two )

    Can anyone give any clues as to what the official cft course is like there
    ( I know there must be one , heard sprogs crying about it )
  2. In my experience most people have no problem with the CFT at Blandford (assuming that it's the same as the 4 Sqn one), there is a bit of an incline at the 4 and a half mile point, but no big deal. The problem for some people is that they do not carry out any build up trg in boots and weight prior to the test, so they are not used to that type of physical activity. The boots rub because they are not a good fit, so the blisters and hot spots hurt and the head says I can't go on and you retire to the recovery vehicle. Anyone with average fitness levels can pass easily, the majority of failures on let's say the old RSCC and RSSC was dehydration from the night before in the bar and self induced pressure.
  3. Sorry should point out thsi will be a TA course and therefore a short CFT
  4. OK, pretty much down hill all the way, no up hill return for you! All the other stuff I said may apply to you if you haven't done any build up trg.
  5. I must admit I am a bit of a lardy bastard , can only manage 9.5 in the BPFA which is pathetic , you'd think my weekly running mileage of @20 miles would help but any hint of a hill and i die under my bergan.

    My only hope is that the rest of the course are real lardy buggers with a few crying girls to make me look good

    Is the course inside the camp then ?
  6. polar69, CFT is a "mental challenge" - stop talking yourself out of it.

    4 miles with 25Kg is a piece of p1ss, unless you want to convince yourself that it's hard.

    It isn't, you can do it, even if you are a "lardy fatherless".
  7. Seem to have given the wrong impression here

    Not afraid of CFT's just wondering if the course would be graded "easy" ( ie flat as a pancake nice smooth almost runway like surface" or bitchin ( see Catterick tank area for details)
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    TA CFTs can be done in your sleep.
  9. CFT at blandford is an easy crack, don't worry about it. If in doubt, just ask the DS if they'll take your bergen
    for the last few miles. Remember: they're there to help.

  10. Hey Polar you're Sigs anyway, so it's only 15 odd Kg's... Isn't it?

    I guess you're off to do your dets course? Hope it goes well.
  11. People WILL follow me ....out of idle curiosity
  12. Now you're showing off. I know a young lad who recently attempted a BPFA at a relatively well regarded regular signals unit. He's not medically downgraded or anything but they stopped the watch at well over 15 minutes! Surely you lot have to agree that this is a disgrace?

    Is a good old fashioned thrashing in order?

  13. 23C

    23C Clanker

    If your CFT is 4 miles long I would think that the route will be half that of the Regs’.

    Start point will be the Gym and heading towards the Guard Room. You will be on the road so the going will be hard. There is a very slight uphill gradient leading to your first turn.

    At your first turn you will head towards engineers corner. This is about 1.5 miles long stretch, slight uphill and a great place for the gym queens to loosen your chins off by doing a 200m jog. Again you will be on the road. At the end of this section you will pass through one of the back gates, still on tar-mac road.

    About 400m past the gate you will hook a right onto a dirt track, small babies heads and slightly rutted. You will follow this DOWN and to the right, this is another good section for the queens to do a shake down.

    You will then start to climb back up, about 200m at about 1 in 10 rise. At the top of this there will be 3 gates in close succession once you get through these you are over half way round.

    From the gates to the finish it is all down hill at the bottom of the hill you will hook right and travel along a flat grassed track moving onto a loose tar-mac track that runs parallel to the assault cause. This track is about 200m at the end of which is the finish gate (pond bottom).

    It’s a walk in the park, have fun and don’t forget to help the ones that are finding it hard.

    (if it’s the full 8 mile at the second gate you turn round and do it all again…backwards)
  14. Brilliant , you are a star
  15. Damn that must be hard.

    Have do you manage to see where you are going? :lol: