CFT and the biffs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Really enjoyed CFT today, walked at my normal pace (at the front) and we had a good banter going on but ..... short legged me had joined the long legged group.

    Miss Polar in the short legged group got to the front and equally enjoyed passing her CFT.

    The main complaints were about the unfit forcing everyone to run to catch up, we didn't really do this (and last time). If they fell by, well frack them, get past and stop helping them (well come on mate encouragement is ok but nowt else). Is this selfish (0 vrs £1.5K/£90)?

    Lastly why is the CFT 6 miles, all biffs have gone before the 2 mile stage and you know anyone with a warning at this stage has a poor chance of completing the CFT.

  2. Lets be honest as long as you stay in reasonable shape anyone can pass the CFT. Also if its T.A. then everyone passes the CFT just for attempting it don’t they?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I think you might be confusing it with the PFT.

  4. I didn’t realise. I thought that you only had to attempt the fitness tests, APW test etc to pass in the TA
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. msr is right, PFT attempt and CFT pass
  7. As far as I was aware PFT is part of the same MATT as the CFT. therefor from your last statement it must be passed!
  8. I actually think there should be two CFT's. One for normal people and one for short legged people as the short legged cannot cope with the pace set by the long legged. Also, if the shorties are put in front, they can't take the pace (in my experience) and as polar noted, those at the back have to start running - then the short legged then start falling by the wayside and missout. However, if they did their own Munchkin Squad CFT they would all pass in probability as they have the same stride - more or less.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Not for bounty. But we've been round this buoy many times.

  10. Sadly no, not for bounty anyway as someone in legal has decided that the army would be open to action if it directly connected an element of remuneration (ie Bounty) with a test that has differing standards for men and women (ie the PFT).
  11. Apologies for raking this up again gents.
    Trying to clear up the confusion in my head (might take some time!)
    In terms of bounty qualification you don't need to pass the PFT, merely attempt it, but you do need to pass the CFT - and herein lies the problem.
    My understanding is that in order to attempt the CFT you must first have passed a PFT, and conducted the correct work up training. (Yes there are many many people who don't need to go through the full process).
    Am I correct in thinking this?
    (As I understand it - If after attempting the PFT you fail, you must then re-test after 7 days, if you pass then fine, if not then are referred to the MO (your GP!), they will then assess your ability to conduct physical training. If they deem you are in fact Human you can then begin a preogram of remedial PT. If not... I guess your medically discharged? Unsure on this last bit.)
  12. I love the army!
  13. why do PTI's insist on making you run during a CFT?
    I'm not a biff but I'm also real bad at running, load me up and I'll tab all day 6,8 10 mile I realy dont give a Fcuk but dont ask me to run more than my own lenght, I hate when some jumped up little racing snake starts shouting at me for not being able to keep up when he insists every body doubles, but as soon as they revert to a normal marching pace I'll catch up and I'll still be there at the end!
    My body was built for comfort not for speed.
  14. Its a shake out to help prevent lower leg discomfort, I know, its sadistic (evil skeletor laugh: mwaa haa haa haa)
  15. From what I could make out from my course, it is purely to break the monotony of tabbing. Break the pace a little, it was never meant to be a charge, follow me type thing, and the double is only a very small increase in the pace, so any PTI who legs it off is either showing off or not concentrating on the job. (Or not wearing the right weight)
    Would be pleased to be corrected however...