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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oldcolt, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Having just done a CFT this weekend where the best part of half of the course didn't even make it past the 4 mile pass* mark and at least a couple of whom passed out or had bad heat exhaustion :x :oops: I thought I would start a topic that gave some tips for those about to embark on this military delight for the first time. Please feel free to add/ ridicule etc:

    Fitness: Obvious one really, but get out there running at least three times a week and look at many of the other excellent threads on here to get yourself ready. Just because you are young and don't look like a porker doesn't mean you have stamina built in. GET RUNNING!
    Feet: make sure your boots fit well and are laced correctly, wear one pair of thin socks under your main socks to reduce rubbing/ blisters. tape then powder your feet before you go out on hot spots and blister points (zinc oxide tape - available from Boots, superdrug etc). I also use a pair of womens pop socks as a base layer on my feet to help reduce rubbing; don't titter, they work!.....and I feel complete when wearing them!
    Feeding: Make sure you have plenty of complex carbs (pasta, rice potatoes etc) the night before the run and a sensible amount of them at least a couple of hours immediately beforehand as well as some simple carbs (the treacle sponge pudding is a real winner!). Take some easy to digest energy food out with you chocolate, kendal mint cake, malt loaf (squashed flat to take up less space in your pockets) etc and nibble on them when you get a chance.
    Hydration!!!!! Drink until it p!sses out of your ears the night before and the morning of the CFT. I cannot overemphasise that you need to be well hydrated for a CFT, especially if it is a warm/ hot day. Also, if possible, mix your screech/ lucozade isotonic mix from your rat packs into your spare water bottle/ camel back (you DO HAVE a spare right?) and save that one for the latter part of the CFT/ when you finish. For the rest of the CFT USE THE WATER STOPS TO GET WATER DOWN YOUR NECK!!!!!. Don't gulp it, if you have hydrated properly beforehand you will only need a couple of gulps per stop; any more than this and you risk throwing it back up.
    ATTITUDE: If you go into it thinking you are going to find it tough/ you wont make it, you will get what you expect. Go in with a positive attitude that you CAN do it and it's only 1.5 to 2 hours of your life to get through and you will cross that line (hot, tired and sweaty) but you WILL cross it in the required time.
    Good luck! :)

    *It's a TA thing - I'd rather it was the same as the regulars as well before I get incoming
  2. that post has really made me laugh, made you should getting a job writing comedy sketches as you would make a fortune.
  3. How can you fail a CFT????? Its a walk with a small amount of weight on your back.
  4. Here's some advice;

    Don't take advice from a geriatric STAB recruit on any fitness related matter!
  5. This makes me wince, not laugh.
    Who is this aimed at? Children?
  6. Hush you and your rubber spine!
  7. Ok. Dumbfcuk question.... Is the stab CFT 4 miles or 6? I have just rejoined as a stab, and i get both answers, depending on who I ask. I would ask someone who has done it recently, but parading a dozen 'men' seems a struggle, Its RLC (and its taken them 6 weeks so far to issue me combats that are waaaaaay to big) so I dont expect too much in the way of sense anyway. Im not RLC myself tho, thank fcuk. I also heard a rumour that due to health and saftey, the firemans lift at the end has been scrapped too....... true or false?

    Cheers. No p1ss takes needed.....
  8. :D

    I'm just embarrassed for him. A cringe-worthy post.
  9. thats easy, it's aimed at people whom never listen... nothin they aint been told before, apart from the womens socks bit and the kendal mint cake 8O
  10. It should be 6, minimum. Not sure if there is a difference if you are infantry or not however, my unit does the full 8 miles. Though Strensall round-the-camp-four-times route is flat and pathetic, in all honesty.
  11. Aha, in that case carry on. Great avatar by the way, I aplaud your choice of capbadge - you clearly have taste and must be a sex animal with every woman In God's County hanging off of you. (But not too many, with your gay back)

    To answer Morsk.

    4 Miles at the end of Ph1

    6 at the end of ph2 and for Matts level 2

    8 when deploying

    If you can do 6, surely you can do 8? After the first 2 miles my legs don't even feel it and it's a leisurely stroll with a little jogging here and there.
  12. Remember back to when you were a nig and look at some of the posts on here from nigs and you will know why I phrased this as I did. Simple advice that works for guys who've never done it before and were afraid to ask on here for fear of having the p!ss ripped out of them :)

    Having just 'fathered' a load of young guys through the first 9 weekends, I am gobsmacked at the level of fitness/ knoweledge out there from new recruits and hope that this will help others in a similar predicament.
  13. Argh, fecking hate the Strensall route. So fecking boring.
  14. I found that a ciggarette half way round works wonders :)