CFT 1485 - James Parker's Iron man run

I hope you don't mind me plugging a worthy cause and repeating some of what has been posted in the Charity Forum, but I guess the readers of this forum are likely to have the most interest in preserving battlefield heritage.

James Parker is a member of the Battlefields Trust and one of the team that helped to promote and set up the visitor centre at Shrews bury, one of only three battlefield visitor centres in England.

He is raising money for the Battlefields Trust and Combat Stress by running the Great North Run in Armour! That's a half marathon Wars of the Roses era fighting order.

75% of the money is for The Battlefields Trust and 25% for Combat Stress, a charity that supports military personnel with psychiatric injuries. We need to raise money to fight campaigns, support research and interpretation. Recently we have:-

- Stopped (for now) a plan to build a waste incinerator on the battlefield of Shrewsbury. This is likely to go to appeal and we will need a fighting fund to campaign effectively.

- Worked with the Towton Battlefield Society to get an agreement from all Towton landowners to ban metal detecting from the battlefield. The Landowners are now talking about setting up footpaths.

- Been carrying preparing a strategy for preserving the battlefields of the North East of England on behalf of English Heritage.

- Been keeping a close watch on the impact of the High Speed Rail link on the Battlefield of Edgecote. (1469 - Wales' Flodden and part of the the reason the Yorkists are forced out)

- Developed a network of battlefield groups across England on a project funded by English Heritage. Its been going really well but the money runs out in March 2011. Unless we can find some more money we can't grow.

- Discovered that the letter of support we sent in 2004 to protest about the plans to build a motorway across the middle of the battlefield of Salamanca helped to persuade them to shift it so the motorway only affects part of the battlefield (the first part of Le Marchant's Charge)

- Supported the next steps at Bosworth. There is a lot more to find but it needs money.

- Supported the owners of Lochnagar Crater to help to identify a long term plan for preserving this iconic site.

Please support James by donating via just Giving James Parker is fundraising for The Battlefields Trust and promote this to anyone you know who is interested in battlefield preservation.

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