Cfn Mike Hall REME - Death

Discussion in 'REME' started by ThorTaylor, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    Does anyone remember Mike Hall? He was attached to 16/5th in Hereford 1988-90. I think he left in 1991.
    He died last week aged 38. His funeral was yesterday in Manchester.
  2. I remember Mike from the then 16/5L. I gave him a lift home the Christmas he was diagnosed with the big 'C'. Never saw him after that; sounds as though he put up a long fight! R.I.P
  3. Yes, 15 years in remision then it came back.
  4. Didn't know him but, RIP
  5. me neither ...... but REME is REME .... RIP!
  6. Im not sure if its the same Mike Hall I knew in A coy SEME the start of 1988 or the ones from 12 Armd Wksps, was he a VM???, but my condolences to the family anyway. I know of a few Mick Halls in the REME , sad to hear of Mikes death.
  7. I dont know, he was my HQ sqn armourer while at Herford BFPO 15. Sadly I was the only army bod there yesterday as he pretty much had little contact with the past life. Loads of folk turned out, I was impressed. Obviously still every popular ;-)
    I cant seem to put a photo of his coffin being carried on this post for some reason.
  8. Sad to hear - RIP

    Is the Corps looking after his family?
  9. RIP

    At least he will be in good company god is an aspiring Armourer.

  10. I never knew the man but my deepest condolenses to his family and may Mike R.I.P.

    I have had an awful throat infection for two weeks that has really knocked me for six, as well as reoccuring shingles. I said to my wife this morning atleast I don't have MS or 'C' or something uncureable. Life is very fragile isn't it?
  11. R.I.P. Mike

    My thoughts are with his family
  12. Short answer no. Simply because apart from Mike Im the on army connection they have. I have is army number and told his wife I would inform them when I locate the correct folk. Assuming its REME HQ in google.
  13. Just did a search and can only find Hazebrouck Barracks Arborfield but no phone numbers, did manage to find and email for REME assoc but thats it.
    Unless I get a reply from that Im temporariliy stuck. Also emailed veterans assoc.
    Any direct numbers or contacts could someone let me know. I want his family squared away, Ta
  14. RIP

    Always sad to hear a member of the Corps has passed on