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Discussion in 'REME' started by A_Mech, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Have just read this months Cfn Mag, and yet again the LEAN thing has been written about. LEAN like it or not, apparently works and is the way ahead.
    Its so good to see our Corps mag showing tradesmen working on the front cover, or is it?
    Why has one bloke not got his covies on and another bloke got them rolled down around his waist? Lets not bother with the unprofessional image we are showing as a Corps, lets all lower the standards and not bother. Not only is it a negative image, it is also goes against the H&SAW message. Turn to page 463 and it gets worse, 2 blokes without covies and 2 blokes with covies rolled down around their waists. Are any of the 13 blokes working on the truck it's driver? Can we afford to put 13 tradesmen on one vehicle at a time, or are our tradesmen that incompetent that it takes 13 of them to fix one vehicle?
    Even better, on the contents page it says that 4 Bn managed to repair more kit than was needed. GREAT!!!

    If LEAN is that great lets set up LEAN lines at each and every Garrison. That way the whole fleet should be back up and running within a year. Magic. I think i should be the DEME(A) with a fantastic policy like that that will obviousely work.

    How come no one has thought of that before??
  2. The last DEME(A) had a major drive on improving the Corps image, by not allowing pictures in the CFN mag that showed that sort of thing. I can remember seeing photos of blokes handling winch ropes without gloves on, standing underneath power packs suspended by cranes and generally lots of scruffy blokes poseing where they should not be.
    Have to say i agree. Not what we want the world to see of the Corps. These sort of photos should not be allowed in the CFN.
  3. Agreed. The last DEME(A) used to go ballistic about negative PR and sloppy images – particularly in the Crafty. It appears that the editorial filter may have slipped but the real issue is that the Craftsman tells it as it is. The fact that, for a while, it didn’t publish pictures of bad-practice doesn’t mean that said bad-practice didn’t happen. ST’s message to the Corps’ hierarchy was to get exercise grip – leadership – and insist on best practice at all times. More fool any EME or ASM who proved that they were “off message” by publicising the fact through the Craftsman!
  4. You forgot to mention the bloke on the left who obviously won't get the " can lift things correctly " tick in his competency box. Also the bloke wearing the mask whilst working on the brakes whilst those either side of him ain't, must be a very localized asbestos threat..
    More annoying is the centre page article with the snotty little captions under the pictures, all the little H&S swipes. The Afghans are doing the best they can with what the've got, they don't need to tie themselves up with umberella legislation and pointless paperwork, that's how we do it.....

    Just a first aid kit..
  5. Dont you just love and adore those "look like your doing some work" photos? i remember seeing a certain engineering officer in the crafty some time ago touching a spanner on the side of an engine component, did it fix it or did the startled stallion work its chippy magic? I took some pix for the mag once as i had the camera thrust in my direction by the ASM saying fill this up with good snaps and remember the Corps image. So there are some people out there with a brain whom understand the concept of HASAWA 1974, RIDDOR and any other law we succome too... Doesn't the Editor vet photos? Better still doesnt someone in a unit vet photos first? I may of turned this sticky but i agree with all above especially the Afghan on the band-saw, looks like he had a close shave already.... out
  6. Sorry chaps, this may offend...........but..............

    Typical nut stranglers, doing what they do best. Whingeing. FFS get real. I'm all for HSAWA etc, and follow it, but not to the 'nth' degree. I prefer to get the job done, safely, efficiently and with the minimal fuss. Just what is the job of the REME? To fix things or to sit, whine and think of every reason under the sun not to get on with it. It makes my blood boil!!

    Rant over....... :twisted: :x
  7. No need to apologize, good rant. Though it should be aimed higher up the food chain than the blokes on workshop floor.

    I don't need a Competency Register, I don't need a Mission Statement, I don't need an Equipment Care Directive, I don't need 6 folders of Coshh, H&S, Safety Data Sheets.
    Just tell me what needs to done and give me the tools, spares and time to do it.......

    Oh and stop changing the goalposts at every ECI, make your minds up what you want and we'll do it...
  8. Standards are standards, they worked in the past they should work in the future.
    If covies were meant to be worn around the waist, they would not have arms and a collar and would probably be called cover trousers or some such thing!!
  9. Some of you are quite right, H&SAW can be a pain sometimes, but how many eyes and fingers has it saved.
    Since VM's are in such short demand, should we not be educating these baby VM's in how to do it safely in order to save the more experienced amongst us having to do yet another tour because the baby VM hurt himself and cannot go.
    Adapt, overcome and get the job done safely and on time.
  10. People People why do we need the Cfn mag (availability considerably less than the millions who can access the web) to publicise our failings when we can splash it all over the WWW.

    Lets have a bit more of our accomplishments and less of our failings discussed here. As a Corps we are at the forefront of whinging which i love its good to get it out in the open. However why are we always willing to slag off our fellow capbadged mates in public regardless of rank? REME is and will always be a Corps that is looked upon highly due to our various trade skills and personnel, however this won't last long if we gladly slag ourselves off in public.

    If your unhappy in OUR Corps go elswhere join someone elses slag them off from the inside!!!
  11. I agree with Lacrabat's comments about the flood of regulations we have all been encumbered with,but like it or not they are here to stay and in all likelihood will become more stringent in the future.Our "Professional" image is one that we must all maintain to the highest standards. To my eye the sloppy image portrayed in that photo is the sole fault of the most senior tradesman there.We as a Corps have a reputation second to none but we all have a long way to fall if that reputation slips. LEAN thinking is here to stay and as much as I feel it is "assembly line" work and an Engineering Management tool and so far removed from Engineering as possible, we as the "workforce" must adapt and make it work. Or we'll be nothing more than modern day "Luddites". I'm not a "Tiff" just a plain thinking "A" mech Full-Screw with 3 yrs to do untill my 22 is done. The Senior elements of our CoC must fight tooth and nail for the financial investment in the Engineering Infrastructure to make LEAN work (i.e. Working Areas,specialist equipment etc.),above all,things will not get better over night,so when you want to whinge just remember what got you through that last 3am,48hr no sleep,freezing cold,dont want to be here moment and "FIGHT THROUGH"
  12. Some good points raised. Fixing stuff in REME has always been a balance of what Should be done (H&S and the like) against what it is operationally possible to do. How many A mechs have done pack changes, on soft ground, in the rain, in the dark afetr working 24hrs straight?? Try & find a H&S Nazi who wouldnt turn a lovely shade of purple writing the risk assessment for that, BUT the kit was made fit and put back in the hands of the user. Isn't that why we are here? Having said that, there are no excuses for the sloppy image portrayed on this month's Crafty. The guys are not on Ops (or even training in the field). They are in Unit lines working normal hours, in the best conditions they are likely to encounter. If thats what the young tradesmen learn in this situation, how far will their standards slip when tired, wet & cold?
    One other point, since when did it become acceptable to stand around with hands in pockets. Play this little game with back issues of the Crafty; See who is the most Senior person you can find pictured with hands in pockets. If anyone can find an edition published in the last 5 years with no photos of soldiers with hands in pockets, I will eat that mag. No names no pack drill, but I once spotted an (RS) RSM from one of my former Units pictured in his off duty officers rig (he is now commisioned) with hands firmly wedged in his tweed jacket pockets. FFS, if the RSm is at it, what hope for the rest?
  13. I thought that the Crafty Mag was excellent this month - Very Absorbent!

    Maybe we should bring in LEAN line for some of our Corps Members, must be sitting around worrying about whats in the crafty mag instead of burning off a few pounds!!
  14. H&SAW. I remember a blurke coming all the way from Andover to visit us in Otterburn in the early 90s at a weekend no less (nice claim there) to talk to us about that very subject whilst in the field. I don't know what he got from the Officers forum but when he came to the SNCOs he was told almost to a man that putting drivers behind the wheel of Fodens, Cranes, 8Tonners etc after 6 days without proper sleep was not only in breach of H&SAW but criminally negligent and that his "team" would do well to focus on the real undermanning problems before nit picking through the niceties of safer working practises.
    This was when the Bn structure was in its infancy, 14 years down the road I am interested to know if things have changed much. :(

  15. FFS Homer dont you have anything better to do than worry about people with hands in their pockets? I mean just why are there pockets on trousers in the first place? I tell you if I could persuade the policy setters to allow this imagine the money the army could save by not having to buy gloves for the troops.....sounds like a GEMS suggestion!!
    Also I take it the offer of eating a crafty mag wont affect your hour glass figure?? lol
    Up the Irons