Cfn, later LCpl, Flash. aka Flash the dog

Discussion in 'REME' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Just a bit of curious digging here. Does anyone know the fate Cfn Flash, the LAD mascot at the Arty Ech in Jajce.

    Flash was a female Heinz 57 dog about the size of a spaniel/border collie. She hated Bosnians and would go ape-shot if they came in the LAD hanger.

    I believe she was adopted as a puppy in Sanski Most sometime 96/97. 3RHA Wksp handed her over to 1RHA Wksp in Jun 98, who likewise handed her over to 40 Fd Regt Wksp in Jan 99.

    I returned to Bosnia in 2001, the Arty (26 Regt) was now in Sipovo, Jajce having closed, and Flash was call-sign unknown.

    Can anyone fill in the gaps?
  2. I think she was moved to Sipovo in 99/00; I seem to recall a dog of that description being looked after in the MT/Servicing bay by the Loggies. I know there was talk of trying to get her back to uk?
  3. I collected Flash from the vet at Banja Luka in 97 after she had been snipped and chipped. By the time I left Jajce in late 97 we were under the impression she was going back to Germany with a wodney from the attached RRF company.
    For those missing the young lass, hopefully I managed to attach a pic I took over her in front of our corimecs...... the good behaviour is due to the chunk of steak out of shot.

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  4. Does anyone rember the fox terrier like beast that lived in DJ Bks, Dodgy? She was originally adopted by Un troops who found her being enticed by Croats with food (hence her name, sounds like "come here in Croat) and then painted UN blue and beaten. NSE took her on and she lived the life of Riley. Her repatriation had been organised, I had okayed a sub from NPF for her quarantine and then she got bitten by a rat, dying under the vet shortly afterward.

    I actually used her pic for a presentation on Terriers in Bosnia for the TACSC...good girl Dodgy!
  5. On the subject of dogs, we had two dogs at the Koncar Factory in Split. I was there with 6Bn in 97. They were called 'Dossbag' & 'DROPS' due to where they were born. Not that I am really concerned for thier welfare, I am just interested to find out if they are still around or if they ended up in a chogey kebab.

    Ta lads 'n' lasses

  6. i remember cfn flash she was there winter 97 98 being looked after by the elecrician from 26 regt ra 1 korbr were on the same camp.His party trick was to gob on his hand and let flash lick it off just to see the rlc lasses baulk at the sight.
  7. The dog at Sipovo on Op PALATINE 1A was "Blue", who used to inhabit the MT/Servicing Bay. One legendary day, some sappers who had been teasing it got their commupance. They always used to stand just out of reach of Blue, who was on a long line from the Shed. We were warned off about this - not the sappers. Same time, same place the sappers stood. Blue came out racing from the shed, at full pelt towards the unwitting REs. This time, two of them ended up on their arrses as 30kg of dog, on a lead 2m longer than usual came hurtling into them. Much hilarity and mirth ensued.

    Blue was promoted to LCpl, and made regular trips to the vet in BLMF in the back of the 512!
  8. By the time I returned to Sipovo in 2001, Blue was being looked after by the Defence Fire Service and was still a psycho-nutter. I used to taunt it with my radio-controlled Tiger tank about a foot outside his chain range.
  9. I bet you were popular with Blue. Luck old you, back in Sipovo a second time. What a dump! Mind you, I thought it would take some beating, but Az Zubayr gives it a good run for it's money!
  10. I have a piccy of another dog from Koncar when I was there in 95, I will upload when I dig it out.
  11. Great picture of Flash, brought back lots of memories, Flash also disliked the QM (tee-hee). Was HandyAndy there when the Wksp was set 8) alight?
  12. Think I remember this mental hound as being adopted by the RLC driver wallers. I was with 2 Bn Optronics, Sipovo at the same time and we inherited our own canine, Bella, from 1 Bn as they left. Unbeknown to us, Bella came complete with approx 9 pups gestating away inside her.

    After discussions with the Sipovo Liaison Officer he contacted the locals to see if they were interested in taking the pups and loads of interest was expressed. So following the birth and several weeks of weaning, the pups were handed out to the locals. Looking after pups was a good way of passing the time in a lifeless sh*thole as Sipovo most definitely was and there were plenty of volunteers who helped out.

    Bella never really liked the Australian OC and would always warn me of his impending approach, which he absolutely hated. I also remember the young officers being extremely happy at her barking during the night as it reassured them that she was still alive!!

    She also managed to get a fair few teeth marks on various visitors but was always okay with those from Optronics.

    Anyone know what happened to her when 6 Bn took over? Heard she wasn’t around much longer.

    edited to add that the dog pic at the start of this thread looks quite like Bella.
  13. Is this thread so that eveyone can mention when they did a tour? Dogs are for christmas not for tours. if ou all cared so much for the hounds you mention why did you not do something I know some of you did but have a word with yerselves are you not stealy eyed dealers of death? or barbera woodhouse wanybees
  14. You've obviously not done a tour. All the official mascots are health checked by the resident RAVC vet. All get fully vaccinated, are well fed and generally loved. The money for this and any other traetment is paid for directly from the pockets of the soldiers in the Unit that adopts the dog, public funds are not used. Compared to the mangy curs that run around the rest of theatre (whatever one it is) being a Unit mascot is about the best an animal can get.
  15. Maj_Boothroyd, were u with 26 Regt in Jajce?

    i remember when we drove into the wood factory at Sanski Most in 1996 there was a dog laying in the path of the CRARRV looking up as if to say "run over me and put me out my misery"

    we adopted him, brought him back to health and named him "scabby dog"

    we also had a cat called "muppet" who at around the 3-4 month point began courting! the sound of cats sh*gging drove us nuts for about 4 weeks

    sadly scabby dog was shot, and im pretty sure muppet got handed over the 1 RHA when they took over