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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bigcsm22, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. I've been thinking of applying to attend westbury. Is there any real benefit of becoming commissioned?
    Any help appreciated.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It opens up different responsibilities within the ACF. More admin, more writing training plans, less hands on teaching at weekends and on camp. Also, more chance to have your influence accepted and more staff management experience.

    It is definately swings and roundabouts.
  3. Fair point. I'm CSM at the min. I pretty much run the coy now. I have loads of admin and training plans to complete assisting the to and oc. Apart from these points are there any benefits of a commission or should I just stay as I am?
  4. Well if you were to commission it would open up the CSM spot for someone else. It would also be a change for you. How long have you been CSM for?
  5. I've been CSM for 3 years now. That's the reason I'm enquiring about commission I always said I'd do 3 years then move on. There's a CSM In our county he's been in post 12 years holding the coy up.
    I dont think I'll get a sniff of the Rsm post. Voted in a dress change which didn't go well with the Rsm. It was a whole mess vote on my side. Ruffled a few feathers lol
  6. I think in your position, commissioning is the right thing to do, for you and your company, and the wider ACF. You're not likely to make a fool of yourself or find yourself out of your depth. (I'm guessing you've been/are also a DC). Too many old buggers at SMI rank not moving and not opening up opportunities for others.

    Is it a big jump? I think thats down to how you style it. It's probably easier if you have a combined mess. My current county doesn't and it's all too often us and them, and a few of them are inadequately endowed spiteful ***** who stitch up the AIs regularly, but the people who they really hurt are the cadets.

    One day I'll commission, but I hope it's into a somewhat different ACF than the one I'm in now, which although is a great organisation, it needs to grow up and stop hiding behind class stereotypes and all the insecurities that highlights.
  7. Thanks for advice. I will probably commission. I'm not holding up the position within the coy and I'm not o e of the ' I'll never become an officer' type either.
    I'll have a chat with the oc tonight.
  8. OOI, what was the dress change?
  9. After a discussion with senior mess members and the majority of juniors I proposed that mess members be allowed to wear jeans mon-thurs in the mess. Nothing major, I mean who wears polo shirts and trousers down the pub? No ******!!!
    It was a majority vote. The Rsm took this as a personal thing but it went to a vote and it got carried.
  10. That is not the case at all. You asked for weekend flip flop and Bermuda short order at weekends you stroker!
  11. I wish I would have done. It was bloody roasting in the mess at weekends
  12. Mankini and orange crocs at weekends in my mess.

    Seriously though we have allowed tshirts and jeans as long as they are clean, have no offensive slogans on them. Trainers too, but must be clean.

    To take the piss we once had an evening when all had to wear CEFO, after the RSMI lost his webbing on the FTX!
  13. I bet he pissed himself laughing....................
  14. Quality.
  15. You had to be there, really...But there is an amusing photo of the mess members all in mess dress, ball gowns, DJs, No2s etc, all with webbing on. Odd, to say the least.