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Alright guys?

Just a quick question to those who have recently attended a CFCB. On the numerical reasoning section of the MAP test, do number sequences feature, or is it purely data interpretation (graphs, charts - disseminate percentages, ratios etc).

Cheers guys,

All sorts of maths mate. Adding, subtraction, dividing and multiplication, as well as what you have mentioned. Mind you, i'm going back a couple of years now but i don't think it's changed. Just give it you're best shot. I'm bloody awful at maths but i think i did ok. The questions get harder as you go on. Don't forget you also have to do verbal reasoning (getting information from a paragraph of some subject or other) and that ridiculous shape thing (abstract thought). DON'T double click the mouse as it will skip a question, as yours truly found out!! Still, i passed the damn thing!! Good luck mate, it's a good weekend.
From memory, i'm pretty sure you can have a pen and paper with you when doing the MAP tests. You hand it all in at the end and they dispose of it. At least, i hope they do as mine had all sorts of scribbles and oddness on it!!
I did it in september,

the style of questions are completely varied, some come from taking number out of text, others are graphs, and there are number sequences etc. My advice would be to find some IQ test online, and have a go at those.

When I was down the computer system was broken, so we ended up doing the test the old fashioned way - pieces of paper and tick sheet, therefore we had paper to do working out on paper - not sure what happens if the computer system is online.

I wouldn't say the questions were any harder the further you got through the test.

good luck!
That is great guys thanks for the advice.

I have been getting my head into some psychometric testing for five or six weeks now so things should be ok.

I wonder why they bother? These tests prove very little. They show you have an education, but they don't really show if your an intelligent person. A well schooled thicko could score highly, whilst a savant would only get his name right at the top of the page.
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