CFCB Does it apply to previoisly commissioned officers


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It is now a requirement that candidates for ACF commissions attend the Cadet Forces Commissioning Board (CFCB). Does anyone know if this applies to retired regular or TA officers? (Or those still serving in the TA)
Absolutely correct. Candidates with previous commissioned service in the Regular/Reserve Forces of the Crown, or those of a Commonwealth country, are eligible for direct commissions on the TA General List Section B - no board necessary.
May I please ask - what about a retired WO1 (less than 6 months) who would like to continue with his contribution outside of his/her working hours.

Especially when his/her direct reports are ex OF5/6 in this new world :twisted:
The rules (Annex L to Chap 4, Regulations for the TA 1978) don't give any specific commissioning dispensations to retired WOs - officially. Unofficially there are ways and means - It is within the power of the County Cadet Commandant to ask the Bde Commander to make a special allowance in this case - he/she would certainly be foolish not to because a retired WO1 will have a lot to offer.

It is unlikely they could come back as a WO1 (or RSMI in ACF jargon) as their local County ACF will undoubtedly have someone in the RSMI's position already. The establishment of each County ACF allows for only one RSMI. However, unofficially the Commandant, in consultation with the RFCA, may allow them to remain badged as a WO1 although they may only be paid as an WO2 (SMI in ACF terms).

If they didn't mind reverting in rank the rules would permit them to become an SMI immediately.

If they didn't want to go back in uniform, Detachments are always looking out for keen civilian assistants.

BE AWARE that even a former WO1 will be expected to do some initial training with the ACF. Many very experienced soldiers join the ACF and expect to be able to get their foot in the door in one night - it just isn't like that. Cadets are a different breed to soldiers, and much of the initial training focuses on the specific requirements of an ACF adult.
GP3 Bunny - I see you're in Leeds. I'm also in the 15 Bde area and I know that the pen-pusher in chief at York (AKA the SO2 G3 TA/Cdts), a retired Lt Col with the same name as the lead singer of Pulp, is only too happy to bend the rules for worthy cases. He's even bent the rules for some very unworthy cases in my County, but that's a different matter!


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