CFCB 098 - 2 -4 July 2010

Discussion in 'ACF' started by eddyrick, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    anyone on here attend the CFCB 098 back in July 2010?

    How did you do?

    (Orange 64)
  2. What the fvck is a CFCB 098?
  3. If you were there you'd probably know what it was!
  4. It's the 2 days ACF Under-Ossifers do to get their commissions so they can be saluted like the people who spend a year at Sandbags
  5. As stated above, it is a 2 day commissioning board that ACF Under Officer attend to be assessed and selected to hold a commission.

    CFCB = Cadet Force Commissioning Board
  6. Two days! Outrageous! Oh well I suppose they'll never command troops Whaaa
  7. Your county turn you down to attend did they?
  8. What a shit post.
  9. No thanks, getting saluted by children isn't so much of a turn on for me.

    I just think it's a funny setup. To be an officer in the regulars or TA you have to pass a AOSB, then attend a training course which in itself is an effort. To carry the same rank in the ACF you have to attend an AOSB, with the fitness element taken out. No training course.

    ACF SNCOs add an 'I' to their rank to show that they are cadet instructors, and remain entirely civillian in their employment. ACF Officers don't add an I, and become Officers of the British Army, through the Class B Reservist thing.

    I am just a little at odds as to why everyone else has to do an AOSB with fitness tests just to get considered for a commission, whilst the ACF do one without the fitness element as the entire commissioning process.
  10. Because it's the ACF, get over it
  11. I've always been over it.
  12. Yes, I can see that...
  13. ACF Officer commission is still a Queen's commission for the purpose of ACF administration and the job is different from Active services, same pips different responsibilities, according to QRs Regular and TA soldiers is still required to pay compliments to that rank, irrespective of your personal feelings toward that person.
  14. Really? They love it when you 'Sieg Heil' them with your blood-engorged button mushroom.
  15. I am aware of this, and don't have a problem with it in that sense - the ACF do a job that is worthy in it's own right and naturally it would not be expected for them to undergo the same process as the officer training for fighting soldiers (soldier in the job sense not the 'soldiers and officers' sense).

    It's just that CFCB is just AOSB-phys, with no training involved. Do you not think there should be another element to the process than simply fulfilling the criteria for becoming a regular OCdt?