cfcb 071 pass or fail ?

Hello all who partcipated at westbury on cfcb071 over last weekend how did you all do ? (this is orange 63) I got my pass through this morning,good luck to all.......
static-line-pimp said:
did all you jocks get home allright especially the heathrow squatters (island boy)
yup got home about 11am Monday! still waiting for post this morning hopefully wont have to wait too long

congrats on your pass!!

cheers again for the lift :D

will post my result as soon as i know
Just got letter in...

and its a pass

good luck to every one else from no65
Got the post today...

With a lovely brown envelope in.......

Flippin county wanting to know Nos for camp!

No Results for me yet!

Well done to all who passed!

Hugs for now

am guessing none of the guys from the white group know how to work a computer as it seems only us orange guys who are posting at moment!! :D
goon_bde said:
what a thoroughly pointless thread!
obvioulsy not on the course then!! 8O
Got mine through as well, Not been selected this time but if I still want to pursue a commission I can discuss with Commandant and have another go after 6 months.

Back to the Gym then!


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