CFB Suffield

So, anyone with experience at CFB able to give a typical itinerary of how the 33 days go - whats the work to social ( if any ) ratio when there -

Is it all expercise - or is there opportunity to do other adventure training / sights ..... an opportunity has arisen to go out in Mid July and join a Regt on workout and want to know what is being let in for !
What are you on about?

Do you mean BATUS and therefore taking part in MM4 or 5?

Or are you Canadian and actually working at CFB Suffield?
I'm going to be there for MEDMAN 4 attachd to 4 SCOTS BG, you going to the same one?
we leave for germany bout 24th july then arrive in Canada end of Jul start of Aug!
I'm already here - Permanent Staff.

Its currently V.Hot and looks to remain so for the next few months. Your time over here will consist of getting thrashed until your eyes bleed then thrashed somemore.

Then when the thrashing is complete there is all the cleaning to do.

That said most people seem to like it over here so enjoy.
could be worse cud b bac in the glorious rain of N.I!anything u advise bringing?
Sense of Humour!
Giant economy vat of the strongest mozzie repellent you can find may help... Fill a bath with it before departure, soak all combats in it, do not wash them for the duration. You'll still get bitten, but at least it won't taste as good to them.

R&R is normally 'about' 2 to 3 days (I think - Dingerr confirm?). Not really enough to do much, because of the size of the country. If you get the chance, head to the Rockies and chill out walking from, say Banff - but a Medman is not really an AT springboard, unless things have changed a great deal, or you've organised a trip after the ex with full CoC buy-in...

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