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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bigcsm22, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone think there should be basic fitness tests for ACF instructors
    My oc has just introduced a 1.5 mile run , situps , pressups and strength test Not a pass fail test but more of participation counts. Two lads straight away made excuses of. "I'm not doing that".
    Although I'm unfit I'm looking forward to it and I think there should be an element of fitness at the induction weekends.
    Any thoughts guys?
  2. You are YOUTH WORKERS!!!

    Take in to account the capability of the YOUTH WORKER, and detail as needed.

    If the 50 y/o lady just joining can't pass a 1.5 mile run, then so what, she probably makes a nice cup of tea and a warm maternal presences for the children that are on camp/away from home, whom she is acting in loco parentis as a YOUTH WORKER.

    If the 20 y/o young lad can run fast, then put him on an Obs Cse Supvr course. Then he can lead the Cadets across it, from the front... in the capacity of a YOUTH WORKER. Ditton the 48 y/o ex-Reg who knows their way around a range. Now a YOUTH WORKER, ensuring the Cadets get a good safe experience on the range.

    So, YOUTH WORKERS don't really need to do fitness tests aping the fitness tests of the Regular and Reserve Forces, in order to wear similar clothing.

    Who is adminstering these tests anyway? Who is culpable if there is an injury and what quals do they hve?
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  3. Re what CF sez, yup. I am one of those ex-regs and until fairly recently I was one of those Youth Workers. And that's the point isn't it? It's a Youth Organisation it's not the SAS or even the Army.

    Some of the Youth Workers are unfit and don't look stellar in uniform. So what? Many of them aren't fit at all but they're fit enough to run the activities and that's what's needed.

    Yes, there is an Army theme to it and most activities tend to have their root in Army type things but people who buy the latest SBS Para smock or whatever should do so on the grounds that it's probs ok kit and not because it's the basis of a Walt boast.

    When I used to go to CFAV tuck shop and bar, sorry, The Mess! I heard more war stories than you could shake a stick at. A rapid calculation had me sending mental congrats to the builders of that Balcony for its ability to hold more than a division more than once.

    It's fun, it's sociable and yes you get to play japs and commandos under the pretext of "it's all for the kids" but it's a youth organisation and they are kids. End.
  4. There should be an emphasis on self defence lessons for the cadets or more precisely, lessons in stopping unwanted sexual advances from the CFAVs.
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  5. Surely if theryre over 16 and female its fair game?
  6. My sentiments exactly.


    Dave (ex CFAV)
    D Wing
    HMP Durham
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  7. Yes these comments are fair enough. However for instance. If we are expecting cadets to tramp over the area on a twelve mile expedition then surely the adults should be able to do it. If there was an incident up on the moors then the cfavs should be able to sort the cadets out without becoming a casualty themselves.
    I'm no way the fittest instructor, in fact far from it but I do think there is a need for basic fitness. I do understand that there are instructors that are just there as tuck shop supervisors or admin assistants but lets think about this. I doubt any ex reg would have a problem with this as they would probably have expected some sort of tests
  8. Depends... what is teh 'incident'? Anything other than driving a vehicle as close as you can, walking a short distance and leading off a group/individual and the CFAV should be thinking about dialling 999.
  9. If you are fit enough to keep up with the scroats on the activity you are supervising then there is no problem.

    Some of our best instructors are too old to pass BFTs and CFTs, (At my age I get about 3 hours and a packed lunch to complete the 1.5 miles.)
    So what if they can't run any more, It would make no sense to kick them out for being un fit as they have knowledge and years of experience to pass on to the kids.

    That and the fact that we have no one to replace them with anyway.
  10. No body said anything about kicking them out.
    For instance. In my county there are numerous instructors who can't look after themselves , let alone a group of cadets. And generally they are the ones who scream at a section of cadets up and down the area during section attacks even though they'd need a fag and a sit down after the first bound of movement.
    Scooby, you're correct. Who would we replace them with. I think we are struggling for instructors nationwide
  11. Something along the lines of being able to dash from the Cadet's accommodation back to the adult's block upon discovery within a certain time frame?
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  12. Yes. I take it you have done the army recruiting team fitness test then.
  13. Just tell your OC to fcuk off. That's what I'd be doing if some YOUTH WORKER was trying to get me (as another YOUTH WORKER) to do some sort of 'test' of my phys.

  14. Delete the phrase "OC", replace with the term "PTI", "PSI", or "Superior", and the phrase "Youth Worker" with "Soldier".

    You've just had an insight into the mental processes that occur in the heads of 99% of enablers within the Reserve Forces.
  15. All Adult Instructors should be able to confidently pass a CFT/AFT. On survival of the activity, a set of Para wings can then be sewn onto the uniform.

    ........Along with a Commando Dagger badge.