Need help and assistance quite rapidly.

In the process of getting divorced, obviously the Ex has a right to some of my Pension, but those nice people at Glasgow are dragging their heels with getting me the CETV (Cash Equivalent Transfer Valve).

Her Solicitor has told her it is going to be thousands, I need a rough guesstimate (if possible) for the following:

Pensionable Date: 30th March 1990

Last day of Service: 30 Oct 2002

The reason being, the Ex wants my house, she wants to offset my interest in the equity for my pension, even though I've told her that I'll wait as long as she wants. But I am not prepared to sacrifice my interest in house house that I paid for with my Resettlement Grant when I left for something that's mine anyway.

I have no problems with giving her part of my pension.

It wouldn't be very wise for someone to guess what the CETV of your pension is, as it depends on a variaty of factors including your age and market conditions. In any case, scheme administrators are obliged to provide one free CETV in a twelve month period for a preserved pensioner like yourself . The law does allow them three months from your request to supply it, so solicitors really shouldn't moan about a delay

If you want a divorce specific valuation, I believe there is a charge for it. Again, they are well within their right to make this charge. The other option is to go to an independent actuary, but they will charge you your right arm and your left foot for it.
Thanks No Sweat, the Ex has been informed that it's not going to be as much as her Solicitor says anyway.

Glasgow charge £150, can't believe there's an actual department that deals with Pensions on Divorces.


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